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Thursday, January 7, 2016


Happy New Year, Bitches!

Hope everyone had a nice New Year's Holiday! The KoB and were thrilled to celebrate our good friends Liz and Chris's wedding on New Year's Eve. I am such a sucker for weddings and Liz is one of my favorite people, so, celebrating her and Chris was the perfect way to ring in the new year. (Open bar, live band, hopping dance floor, and fantastic view of midnight fireworks didn't hurt)! 

I'm still in job transition mode, so, posts are going to sporadic for another week or so... but after that, I promise to catch up here. 

See you soon!


Nikki said...

The KOB's expression in that picture just kind of made my afternoon lol! Happy New Year, and good luck with the job transition...change can be scary, but also very rewarding :)

Tanya S. said...

HA HA HA....KOB's face!! (I mean, the face he's making.)

He's callin' dibs!

Dolly said...

Looking forward to hearing about your FIRST training updates.