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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Alright, it's time to start thinking about what's next. Now, that I'm a marathoner again, it's time to RUN ALL THE MARATHONS AGAIN.

Next, I'll do The Bellringer 25K, then a marathon in Mississippi,
then a marathon in Kentucky, then a marathon in Oklahoma.

And while I enjoyed my 5 hour and 22 minute marathon a week ago, I'd like to be done a wee bit earlier than that if possible in the future. Which means... TRAINING. I'm not ready to hop onto the BQ or even PR training schedule. And I'm not ready to be coached again yet. But, I am ready to have a plan and some accountability. 

not relevant
but, funny.

I am going to run a couple of marathons in the coming months just to knock off states, but, I am planning on running Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon at the end of April and I would like for that race to be a sub 4:00 for me. 

Now, that's not a cakewalk goal for me. I've only ran under 4 hours TWICE in my entire life, so... it will require some speedwork and REAL training, but, I think it's attainable. 

My plan is to work from the FIRST Marathon Plan (also known as the Furman 3 runs a week plan, Run Less, Run Faster, the plan I formerly poo-pooed on when I had a less demanding job, no boyfriend, and no dog. NEVER SAY NEVER, PEOPLE).

You're a runner, so, you know that this plan is basically... Run 3 HARDish runs a week and then fill in the rest of the week with cross-training and/or easy running. I CAN DO THAT. I am going to officially start the plan this week, and probably just repeat the first week a couple of times because of I've got a couple of extra weeks.

Now that I have a plan and a goal, I'm going to try to be good about updating the blog every week and more regularly. Anyway, I am truly excited about this new goal and plan. Let's do this!


Gracie said...

Interested to see how run less, run faster works.

Carina said...

Was there an ultra in Texas, possibly even close to Dallas, that was/is on your Jan calendar?

Amy said...

Yeah, I was going to run Bandera in January. Not in shape for that, alas. NEXT YEAR, maybe? I don't have texas, so, I have to do it sometime!