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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Comeback Week 2

This week re-cap is actually from December 7-13.

The plan called for the following:

Workout 1: 
13 min w/u
6x (1 min fast then 2 min easy)  (Fast miles 45 secs faster than current 10K pace)
10 minute cool down

Workout 2:
2 miles easy
2 miles Tempo (15-30 seconds slower than current 10K pace)
2 miles easy

Workout 3: 
9 miles at Planned Marathon Pace + 15 sec/mile.

I did workout 1 and workout 3 and then I ran a 25K trail race that weekend, as well. My friend Liz met me for the 9 miler at 9:22 pace and we pretty much nailed the workout. I was NERVOUS to run that many miles at that pace and thought it was an aggressive workout/long run for week 2 of a training plan. That's the thing with the FIRST plan, though. It doesn't mess around.

Workout 1 I did on The KoB's treadmill. I could tell a difference from the previous week with the shorter recoveries.

Workout 2 I ATTEMPTED the day after the 25K Trail Race. But, uhh.. there was no way it was happening. 

Overall, I'm still loving this plan. Having only 3 main runs to have to worry about is such a relief and low stress.

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