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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Random stuff from the NY Trip that I didn't post already.

 Finally got The KoB to the High Line.

 It was night time. Obviously. 
And I'm sure I hyped it up way too much.
So, I 'm not sure if he was as wowed by it as I continually am.

 Then again, it's The KoB, it's hard to get
a gauge on his feelings. And I didn't want to
be that annoying person who was like..
Don't you love it? Isn't it amazing?
Even though I wanted to ask both of
those questions a zillion times.
I'm sure I still did ask 15 times.

 I also realize that all this photos look like shit, 
because they were taken at night.
This is the Empire State Building from the High Line.

 We were staying in the Times Square Area
(I'm not going to complain, because, even
though I find that whole part of the city to be the least
interesting and the most annoying, IT'S STILL NYC). 
 A bonus of being there, we hoofed it up to
Seriously, my fave in the city, I think.

 Sunday night, I had to find a UPS store/box* to return 
the dress I rented from Rent the Runway for the Ball.
And I got behind this guy for awhile.
He was holding an old school phone handset up to his ear
and blasting the song: "The Hills" by The Weeknd
Which, up until this moment, I loved and thought the song
was kind of hot**. Now, I everytime I hear it, I think of this guy.
Not hot.

*Surprisingly HARD to find one of these on Sunday Night. I finally found one in the basement of the Toys R Us in Times Square. Yeah, I have no idea, either. 
**I have no idea what the song is about or what the lyrics are, so, if the song is lyrically misogynistic or about killing baby birds or something, then, I had no idea. I just thought the beat was hot. 

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Carina said...

I've had good luck w/ RTR dresses too.