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Thursday, September 17, 2015

This is supposed to be a running blog...

Let's chat a bit about my running. It's finally starting to feel a little better. Not GREAT, but not awful either.

Teetering, if you will.

I've been able to let go of the guilt of having to skip a run, because of work commitments, but I do still feel guilty when I skip a run out of laziness. Which... is the balance I've been looking for.


Most of my runs are short and slow, but, that's okay. 
I did run a beer mile a few weeks ago. And while my crown has been gone for a long time now (I think I've lost the last 3-4 that I've done), I've officially retired from the sport. Not because of my ego... but, because of my body. For the first time in a beer mile... I threw up and had to run a penalty lap. So... yeah, I'm officially announcing my retirement. I'll henceforth enjoy my beers and my running nonconcurrently (not a word apparently? Whatevs. You know what I mean.)

Beer Mile finally got me.

And while I puked on my third lap (without being ANYWHERE NEAR CONTENTION of winning, mind you. Girls can drink and run in this town, these days). The KoB schooled all the dudes and came out as the overall winner.

Smug son of a bitch.

 Anyway, that's kind of an update on my running lately. I'm averaging less miles a week than I'd like and I'd prefer to be running longer long runs... but for now I'm happy to be progressing along.


Carina said...

Oh no, so sorry about the hurling/penalty lap! I'm wondering if I'm ready to retire from the event too. Our next one is Dec 17, and I'm going to reevaluate then. Can I ask what KOB's time was? Just wondering how the TN/TX times stack up.

Tanya S. said...

OMG. Those cats! No wonder that chick is wearing long sleeves. I'm sure her arms are shredded to hell.

Gracie said...

That's why I never run a beer mile.

Anonymous said...

Carina, I ran an 8:43. I had a strong 3rd lap and beer and got myself into second place and had my 4th beer down before anyone else. Once I saw no one behind me I kind of relaxed a bit. 2nd place guy puked shortly after downing his 4th beer.

the KoB