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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mutt Strutt 5K

Also, don't look too closely... we all look a little "weird"
when you start to REALLY look at this photo.

Saturday morning The KoB, the dogs, and I loaded up and headed to Centennial Park for their 1st annual Mutt Strutt 5K benefiting the Nashville Humane Association (which is where I adopted Leo!). It's a cause near and dear to our hearts, so it was a no brainer to support this cause and sign up for this race. 
Turns out Leo and I were DNSers. And Winfield and The KoB were DNFers. But, no matter... we had a great time and I loved seeing everyone out at the park with their dogs.

Also, got some good photos of Winfield and The KoB during the race.

It looks like they are the only ones out there, but there
were tons of dogs and people at the race!

Winfield is an excellent runner.

On the sidelines with Mr. Bloom.

 Post race they even had cake for the dogs!!

It's a great cause, and even if there were no finishers out of the 4 of us,
I'm sure we will be back next year!

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Tanya S. said...

I couldn't help it and zoomed in on Leo's face in that first pic and....that expression!