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Friday, August 7, 2015

Odds and Ends

First up, The Mayoral Election. After changing my mind a zillion times during the course of this election, I ended up voting for Megan Barry. I always liked Megan, but my fear was that I was afraid she was going to be another Karl Dean. And frankly, I am sick and tired of living and working amongst the growth that we have seen while Dean's been Mayor. It was great, until it wasn't. BUT, I so feared that Freeman would win and I really thought that Barry was his biggest competition and was the only one that could beat him in a run-off. So, I voted for Megan Barry (she also lives a mile from me and I'm sorry Jeremy Kane, but Edgehill/Belmont > Sylvan Park) and I assume that the bad weather plagued voter turn-out, because Freeman isn't even in the run-off! Yay!

Tammi, call me. I also voted for Megan Barry.
So, we are basically BFFs now.
(So, is Connie Britton actually a registered voter in Davidson County?)

 Tammi Taylor (aka Connie Britton), Megan, and Emmylou,
you are all honorary Run Bitches. 
Bitches get stuff done.

And while I don't necessarily dislike Fox, I do think that Megan would make a better Mayor. Plus... TAMMI TAYLOR. 

Running: So, guess what people? Next week you will see a training re-cap! I know. I know. You are all shocked. But, I signed up for a Marathon Lottery and started training this week (If I don't get in, I will just make a donation to the Park and bandit the thing). I wrote out a training plan while I was in Wisconsin last week for work. I'll talk more about all that next week. 

Other miscellany: I backed into The KoB's car last Sunday morning.

 I have a couple of good excuses: We were running late and his car was parked somewhere different than it normally is. BUT, at the end of the day, I just fucked up. 

 He actually said... "Jeep, Jeep, Jeep" seconds before I plowed into his car, but I was like... Jeep? Why is he saying Jeep? Does he have morning Tourette's Syndrome or something? Anyway, he was an unbelievably good sport about it and we went and bought a new tail light and he replaced it that day and he's ordered a new bumper, fender thing (which he just installed that new one a few months ago). So, all good. Now. 

So, that's what's going on with me these days. What's going on with you?


Tanya S. said...

Well, Fox billed himself as "the only conservative" running for mayor and was funded by a conservative Super PAC, so that's enough for me to dislike him.

But more importantly: TAMMI AND EMMYLOU.

Amy said...

Which is why he won't win the run-off! Woot! (I wasn't aware of the PAC funding, I guess I should have known. UGH).

I was sure that other bitches would approve of my bestowing "honorary" status on them.

Carina said...

Lol, jeep, jeep, jeep. That sucks. Nice that you didn't have to involve insurance and deal with that mess...

Gracie said...

I can totally see my husband going, "" as I plowed into it.