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Monday, August 3, 2015

A New Way to be an Asshole.

I interrupt the Leadville Trip Posts with a Rant.

When I first started running, I always ran with my ipod. So, I get it. Running can really suck sometimes and music can trick your brain into thinking that you're enjoying it more than you are. It can also inspire and uplift you when you are struggling. I get it. The fact that I am too lazy to charge my ipod anymore or put new songs on it, doesn't mean I don't appreciate the boost that music can give to the oftentimes mundane task of running.

So, wear your headphones and enjoy your run. (Although, please, keep your music low enough that you can hear when someone or something is behind you and trying to get around. Cars, people, whatever. Be safe with your headphones, people).

Although, lately, I've noticed a new trend with running. As if we runners aren't annoying enough already, some runners are now running with their music playing OUT LOUD.

I'm sorry, but what universe do these people live in?

I encountered two people this weekend on runs. One of the guys was running a similar pace to me, so, I was stuck listening to his emo top 40 bullshit for about 15 minutes until I got so furious that I had two choices: Yell at the guy to turn that ear infecting bullshit off and appear to be a crazy person or turn off along another route to avoid him. I avoided him. See what I did there? I chose courtesy over being an asshole.

Even while climbing up Mt. Elbert, there was a girl be-bopping her way down the mountain blasting Katy Perry or something and drinking a beer from a bottle. I remember looking at Tanya and asking... "did I really just see that?"

I am starting to really get fed up with the lack of respect that people have these days. If you've been in an airport in the last year or so, I think you know what I mean. It's like the fucking Lord of the Flies there.

So, maybe I'm just an old fuddy duddy or maybe I just expect too much from my fellow citizens, but if you can't live without your music, can't you just shove some headphones over your ears and spare the rest of us? (I assume that these are the same people who also talk loudly into their phones while trying to make a transaction with a cashier. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN AND TREAT THAT PERSON LIKE A HUMAN BEING, FOR PETES SAKE).

Obviously, I have lots of feels over all this. I better stop now, before this turns into an embarrassing bitchfest.


Pandora Viltis said...

I've seen (heard?) people doing this in races recently too. Doubly obnoxious! I don't listen to music in when I run because it messes up my rhythm. So why would I feel ok if you play YOUR crappy music if I eschew listening to my own music that I actually enjoy?


Carina said...

I ran the SF marathon about 8 days ago and there were TWO people I ran past who were carrying something that emitted their tune choices to all. Ugh! It's so inconsiderate it blows my mind. Why on earth do people think that kind of noise pollution and enforcing your choices on others is okay???