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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Race Report: East Nash Dash 4 Miler

Sometimes, peer pressure is a good thing.

Dear KoB,
 Get used to seeing this Red Vest, as I 
might not take it off till April 2015.

So, Melissa and Liz were running the race and Jeff and The KoB were coming out to run during the race. And since I have an extreme case of FOMO, I, OF COURSE, showed up as well.

At this point... racing on the weekend is a guaranteed tempo run and I pleasantly surprised myself with a DECENT (not fast) time for this race. Especially considering the course was fucked and the headwind. 

Somehow, I was able to nab 1st in my age group which got me a $25 Fandango giftcard. 

More impressive however... was the fact that Liz was the overall female winner!!!! (I guess, you could say, being 2 weeks out from her Ironman, she MIGHT be in half-way decent shape, huh?) And Melissa came in 2nd!!! (While I brought up the rear and was like 5th). 

Overall, it was fun and I was glad I got my ass out of bed and over to the East side for a run.


Coach B said...

Yay Bitches!!!!! (We need to recruit Liz to Bitchdom.)

Gracie said...

Heck yes $25 giftcard and winning age group!