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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Training Week Review

The week of the wake up calls.

You already know about my long run (and it's awesomeness!) and the only other run of note is my tempo run last Wednesday. 4 miles at 8:00-8:10 pace.

I was dreading this workout. SO  HARD. Particularly since the same exact run (1 mile less) the previous week just about killed me. So, as The KoB stretched before the run, I tried to come up with some brilliant excuse that would get me out of the workout and instead just let me jog around for fun.

The KoB, unfortunately, was having none of my pansy ass-ness.

Okay, okay. I'll do the thing.

I did bargain for the workout, though. I decided that since I sooooo didn't want to do it, I would give myself a little win, by doing it on the easy park loop instead of on the roads.

I KNOW. I just did a whole blog post last week about how I'm all HARD now and I'm going to keep my tempo runs honest by doing them on the road. Except last week... I was just a soft, weak, broken down Amy.

So, we ran over to the park, we did them (overall a TAD slow, but not too bad). And, afterwards, I dramatically collapsed in a heap on the grass. As sad and slow as it sounds, running 4 miles at an 8:12 pace felt like a huge fucking victory.

I also got an email with the following words of encouragement from Coach last week:

And right now, as you talked about in your blog, I think your brain needs a small ass kicking. You already know it, but running and racing is so hugely mental. Obvi, you can't make your brain be all sunshine and rainbows about running if you're in a blah place with it, but it is really possible to have a better run by thinking positively and pretending that you're looking forward to a hard workout even if you're not. I know that sounds ridic, but it works. Positive mantras often strike me as a shitwad load of tofu and sprouts, but when I've told my brain to STFU and think positive things (even if in the back of my brain there's a chorus of "Ha ha, you old hag! YOU SUCK!), the run is nearly always better.

The Too Long; Didn't Read version of her email:
I have been a little bitch. 
A whiny, bratty, pansy bitch.

And, of course she's right.  I have been so focused on how HARD everything feels and how SHITTY my runs are. I knew it, but it was kind of a wake up call to have someone else tell me to get a grip on my attitude. So, while it's not going to be puppies and ice cream over here non-stop. I am going to make a conscious effort to stop being so goddamn negative.

You can leave your thank yous to Coach in the comments.


Dolly said...

I might be a masochist but, I sometimes look forward to a scary/hard workout.

It teaches you how to suffer, and that mental toughness will reap rewards during the race...

When I train (speed work) I think of racing. And when I'm racing I think of my training. Funny how that works.

Sorry if I sound too cheery I'm a glass is always half full kind of person.

Amy said...

Thanks, Dolly, I actually NEED the cheery these days, so, I'll take it!

When I'm in shape... I also look forward to hard workouts! But, it's the "getting back into shape" workouts that are a drag to me. I can't help but think back to the workouts and the paces I WAS doing and get bummed and discouraged. But, I should just appreciate the fact that I took a break and my body needed it and I'll eventually get my speed back.

BUT, you're right... mental toughness is something I definitely need, so I should just embrace ALL the workouts.

Coach B said...

That coach sounds like a crack whore and a bitch on wheels. I'd tell her to take her walker and her Miracle Ear and shove it.

Carina said...

One thing I like about my current training group is that I ignore the schedule and often don't know what the workout is until I show up to run. Less time to dread.

P.S., I don't want to say it on my own blog, but the answer is Portland. Where the current forecast for Sunday is low 57, high 78. A whopping 5 degrees cooler than Dallas. Hence being convinced I'll fail. Maybe I should print out your coach's email!

Amy said...

Coach B- IK,R?

Carina- Ooooooo. Portland! The good news is you've trained through the Dallas summer, so the heat hopefully won't affect you! (as opposed to training all winter and then getting an 80 degree race day in spring).

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