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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Random Going-Ons

A couple of weekends ago, The KoB and I made our first "longish" trip in his corvette.

Remember her?

We drove to Red Boiling Springs for a car show that my dad always goes to. It was a little warm out (at that time, there were still some A/C issues with the car) and it was supposed to rain, so we didn't ride without the t-tops, but it was still glorious. The KoB didn't enter his corvette (though, he should have, because he would have won 3rd place!!), but my dad entered his '56 and my uncle entered his '58 (? I actually have no idea) truck.

My dad won a First Place Trophy!

My Uncle also won first place in his division!
Trust me, this IS his excited face.

It was fun. 

Then this past weekend, I spent pretty much all weekend cleaning out my old bedroom and closet in my parents house. They are moving soon, so the plan was to just go in there and bag everything up for either the trash or goodwill.

Haha. Haha. Haha.

Well, that's all well and good, but once I started going through things, then it was like... ohhhhhh, I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT THIS, I can't throw it away!!!! So, I ended up bringing a bunch of shit home with me, that now I need to sort through and pack away. Ugh.

It was also pretty distracting, because I kept finding things and then sending my friends pics of them. Like, for instance, I had my friend, Pony's Admission Ticket for the MCAT in 2002 and I had a certificate of honor thing that was made out to my friend Dustin. Um. Why?

Also, I found my Fan Fiction Stories that I had written in middle school. I WROTE FAN FICTION, YOU GUYS! You'll never guess for what.... Gone With the Wind. Yup. Serious. My BFF, Stephanie and I were obsessed with Gone with the Wind and we both wrote stories about what happened after the final scene of the movie. I can't believe I just admitted that on the internet. 

Speaking of writing, my favorite thing to find was all my college papers. I was an English minor, and I saved all my notes/papers, etc from those classes. I actually miss writing papers about books. Some of my favorites papers were about Macbeth, The Moviegoer, and Hills Like White Elephants (I analyzed the shit out of that Hemingway story). University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!) had some GREAT English teachers.

This REALLY cracked me up.

I sent this gem of a picture to my best friend Stephanie.

Circa 1993.
We were in this drama program where "classes" were
held in some lady's basement. 
I'm not sure why Miss Australia there is wearing a red kimono.
Clearly, there were some artistic/creative licenses being taken.

Anyway, it was kinda fun to be taken back to my elementary, middle school, high school, and college years. I had a serious obsession with the band Oasis and have an entire box filled with magazines where there are articles about them, stickers, all their UK Single CDs, pictures of them printed out from the internet. I mean... it's a little creepy to look back on.

The Oasis of my High School years.
I was pretty sure I'd have the last name Gallagher at some point.
Ultimately, I think I dodged a bullet.

One thing is super clear: I was such a freaking dork. I mean... oasis memorabilia, stamp collections, Gone With the Wind FAN FICTION, I have a shadow box with ribbons and awards and certificates from high school (who hangs that shit up in their room? Weirdo), FFA Jacket, VHS tapes with SNL episodes and music videos recorded on them. RIDICULOUS. 

All, I can say is... While I am still pretty damn dorky... at least I recognize that now. And if anyone needs a English paper written... call me.


Carina said...

I love your dad's car and your uncle's excited face.
Glad you had fun going through the memories, and that you got to keep the good stuff, I'm sure if you have room for it and box it away and pull it out again in 10 years, you'll laugh just as hard.
At Christmas last year my mom gave me a big file folder with a lot of old report cards and stuff in it. I told my husband to call me "straight A" almost every day for about a month afterward. So fun to see that stuff. My favorite was the notebooks passed back and forth with a friend between classes that were a long series of notes that make almost no sense now.

Gracie said...

Gone with the Wind fan fiction? I'm impressed.