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Friday, July 11, 2014

Trip Report: Leadville Part 2

I should point out that I took more drugs on this trip than I have in the last 5 years. From the moment we got into Denver, I started popping Excedrin Migraine pills and I didn't stop until we left. I also tried to stay as hydrated as possible. I wanted to be able to enjoy the vacation and not be knocked on my ass with terrible headaches from the elevation. The limited exposure I'd had in the past to elevation... always made me feel a little... off and headach-y. So, I went into the trip as prepared as possible.

We woke up on Saturday morning and plodded down for breakfast. I had always shied away from Bed and Breakfast places... mostly because they are usually more expensive and I am a cheap ass. But, also, because I like the anonymity of my regular ole Hampton Inns. I don't necessarily want to feel like I have chat it up with the other guests. So, I was a little nervous about the whole "breakfast" thing. Turns out... it was totally fine. The food was delicious, the people were friendly and talkative, and since we were in Leadville, anytime I didn't feel like engaging in the conversation... I just announced to everyone that The KoB had ran the race there before and everyone's attention turned to him and I got to sit and eat my meal in peace. Brilliant plan!

We started the day by milling around the town for a bit, grabbing lunch, and then we headed out in the car to drive around part of the Leadville 100 course.

The first stop was Turquoise Lake.
 Look how tiny I make that pine tree look!
Pygmy pine tree!

The lake was beautiful and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. There were tons of people out fishing, hiking, and just enjoying the day.
We drove all around the lake (as opposed to ya know... running around it) and then headed over to the Fish Hatchery which is also on the course. On our way there, he pointed off in the distance to a spot on a mountain where the trees had been cut, and told me that was Powerline (also on the course). 
The KoB running down the powerline in 2011.
It was straight up a mountain.
I wish I had gotten a picture of it from the ground.
Next time!

We got to Fish Hatchery, which is actually a working fish hatchery. I wasn't expecting that. Dumb, I know.

The view from Fish Hatchery.

After the fish hatchery, we got back in the car and The KoB said... let's drive over to Twin Lakes, "it's kind of a drive, but it's worth it." So, we drove out to Twin Lakes and boy was he right... 

It was spectacular.

We got out and walked around a bit, he told me a little history about the area and then he pointed up into the mountains and said.... "I think that's Hope Pass between those two peaks."
He was pointing somewhere up there.

Hope Pass? WAIT. Isn't Hope Pass on the course? 
You mean, THIS Hope Pass?
Yup. So, we were still touring the course. I mean, 100 freaking miles. 50 miles out, 50 miles back. It didn't really hit me just how freaking far that is, until you spend half a day driving around it. Crazy. 
 Almost at the top of Hope Pass
Twin Lakes down below him.

Anyway, we spent a little time at Twin Lakes, I thought it was just beautiful there. 

Twin Lakes 2011.
Mile 60ish feeling good.

Twin Lakes 2014
Standing in the parking lot. Feeling like
he hates his girlfriend for making him pose for a pic.

This was also taken in the Twin Lakes area, I have this picture hanging up in my office at work. 

And I just found out that apparently, The KoB 
was feeling like CRAP here and threw
up a couple miles after this pic was taken.
So, um, maybe I should switch that pic out for a different one.

Also at Twin Lakes.
Post puke.

After walking around Twin Lakes a bit, we started to head back into town. We changed clothes in the car and got in a run on the Mineral Belt Trail in Leadville.

Stop it, Leadville. Just stop being so freaking beautiful.

The Mineral Belt trail is an 11.6 mile paved path that winds around Leadville. It offered some great views of the town, as well historical items and markers explaining the mining history of Leadville that afforded me opportunities to stop and pretend like I was soooo interested in all that, when really I was just dying for a break to breathe.

Pics or it didn't happen, bitches!

Honestly, the artifacts and history were really interesting.
This little cart was what the miners would ride down into the mines.

 It was such a cool trail.

After a long day of DRIVING around the Leadville 100 course (which just cracked me up all day) and a little jog along the mineral belt trail, it was time to head back to the room and clean up for dinner.

And enjoy some refreshments from our balcony.

Next up: Mt. Elbert!

*I have tried to get The KoB to do some kind of post on Leadville and he always declines. So, this shoddy write-up by me is what you get instead... blame him. Also, I bought the pics from his 2011 race as a birthday gift for him one year and that's why I am plastering them all over the blog.


Gracie said...

Well, this whole post is ridiculous. I can;'t wrap my head around running 100 miles. Twenty six takes everything I have! But such a beautiful course.

Carina said...

I remember flying into NYC for the marathon and being able to ID the start, some of the bridges, and the finish and it blew my mind how far 26.2 miles was as seen by air, geez, 100 would make sparks come out of my head. Such an amazing accomplishment! And I see why you hung up the pic you did, regardless of how he felt, spectacular!