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Monday, July 21, 2014

Odds and Ends

So, to wrap things up... the rest of the trip to Leadville was nice. We took a train ride around the town on our last day and ate another pizza at High Mountain Pies. It was fantastic, and I was sad to leave.

View from the Train.
Yes, totally ridiculous.

Getting back to the real world was pretty stressful. Somehow, July has turned into a megacrazy Life and Work month. I've got about a zillion projects at work right now (IT'S JULY. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?) and The KoB is basically having the month of his life right now (leadville, closed on a home last weekend, and has some other exciting stuff coming up in a week or so). 

Mr. Bloom checking out his new Doghouse. 
Yup. That's a doghouse. It has an
air conditioning unit and a heat lamp.
And it is practically the same size as my entire condo.

I am trying to get back into some consistent running. I'm a little nervous that once I start actually training for the 10 miler that it is going to feel SO VERY HARD. But, I am definitely itching to get back into a routine. For now, I'm just milking the laziness and enjoying it. I have been able to keep up with 10 mile long runs (with not much else during the week), so, THANK GOD I'm at least able to run the distance of the goal race at a fairly respectable time.   

Anyway, that's what's going on with me. Not much to really report on running-wise. But life is good and running will be soon enough.


Gracie said...

That looks like a fake mountain village from a toy set! So beautiful. And that doghouse rivals many a place I've made home (I mean, just the A/C is an upgrade for half the places I grew up).
Running Times had a 10 mile article not too long ago, I think - might have some good workouts.

Amy said...

Thanks for the running times mention. I'll have to check it out! Also, OMG, did you grow up in the NOLA area? I can't imagine living there without A/C.