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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bitch Racing Team Annoucement

Well, I've done it. I've figured out what in the bloody hell I'm going to do next.

It's NOT crossfit.
I think that kitty in the front left has the right idea.

Back in April/May I was sure that I was going to run a marathon in South Dakota in September. And then time went by... I never signed up for it, I scaled wayyyy back on my running, and all the sudden, I was like... uhhhh... I guess I'm not doing that one (the same exact thing happened with that race last year). So, I scoured looking for a race to latch onto later this fall. 

And nothing really sounded good or convenient. The last few long runs (hahahhahaha 10 mile long runs... hahahhahah) I've done with Melissa, we've talked a lot about  race distances and training and what we like and don't like. And finally, it hit me... I don't want to train for a marathon. I don't want to do a long, grueling training schedule of long runs and tempo runs and worrying for 16 weeks how I am going to keep a certain pace for 26.2 miles. I don't want to worry about fueling during the race. What I REALLY want to do is see how fast I can go.

The only race I've ever trained for specifically besides a marathon is a half marathon. That was back in 2012 and was the first time I was coached. It was glorious. 

There are lots of reasons that I continue to train for marathons. For one, I typically actually enjoy the TRAINING for a marathon. (I'm kinda over it right now, but in the past that's always been my favorite thing). Also, I have this goal of running a marathon in every state and so, I NEED to run marathons. But, I also need to realize that I'm 34. Hopefully, I can get around it. And then there are other reasons, like... The KoB races marathons, my friends race marathons. I dont know, I just have this mentality that the Marathon is some sort of epic race. But, it's not. It sucks. And I need a break.

So, if not the marathon, then what?

Well, I've decided to RACE my favorite race! The Team Nashville 10 Miler in November. It's my favorite race for nostalgic reasons mostly, but also, because it's such a beautiful course. And it's challenging. It's got rolling hills to start, one BIG hill in the middle and another killer hill towards the end. But... with those uphills... come downhills. So, I feel like it all evens out in the end.

I can train on the course (I've incorporated the route on long runs in the past) and I'm excited to challenge myself to just get faster. I have NO idea what my time will be. I just want to run the fastest race that my training allows for on that day. Coach has signed on to coach me and we will probably start up in August. 

I am so excited! I think this is exactly what I need. 


Gracie said...

Ten miles is an awesome distance. It's my favorite to run; probably my favorite to race.

Carina said...

I've raced 10 miles exactly twice and totally bombed, one of my least favorite distances. Can't wait to see how you conquer it, I'll take notes!