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Friday, June 20, 2014

Gif, Photo, and Word Dump

I haven't been running much. And you know what? It's been glorious.

Seemed appropriate.

I am basically running with friends and then maybe once or twice for a few miles with my dog during the week for a grand total of 20-30 miles a week. I'm loving it.

This happens most summers (whether I've planned it or not), but, I usually feel guilty and anxious about an upcoming training schedule... but right now? Zero Fucks are given.

I dont even know.

So, I don't have much on the running front to talk about, so, I'm going to take a page out of Blogger 101 and post some random bullshit.

Remember the J Crew pants that I lusted over and the Zara look-alikes fiasco?
 Never Forget.

Well, the original pants that sparked this whole thing went on final sale at JCrew. I tried on a pair at the store last week for shits and giggles and GUESS WHAT, bitches??? They actually fit right!!!! I needed a bigger size for my waist, so I ended up ordering them online, but they are wonderful and I am so excited to get my winter, trendy pants just in time for summer. But, whatev! Under $40 bucks with shipping!!


I am also obsessed with this
Tesla Model S

I am not a "car" person. I feel claustrophobic and too low to the ground (I spend enough time low to the ground when I'm standing, for chrissakes). But, this car.... this car is DREAMY. And since I can't afford this one...

Just a Ferrari F12.
No big deal.
The only sports car I would consider buying if I won the lottery.

I think I would actually consider buying a Tesla (I made it sound like I could afford the Tesla, HAHAHAHAH. No. Saving up).

I just downloaded the Rumours CD from Fleetwood Mac this week and spent about 20 minutes reading the wikipedia page on it, which then led me to spending an hour looking at photos of Stevie Nicks from the 70s. Because... well....


Gold Dust Woman is one of my top 5 favorite songs ever and quite possibly my favorite song to drive to. And of course I know most of the songs on the CD already, but damn... it is just a kick ass album. The production is so good and the harmonies and the songs. LISTEN TO IT NOW.

I finally did it. After years of complaining about the beige hell that I live in, I've started painting my entire place (except my bathroom and bedroom). Walls and trim.

The before: Walls, floor, trim all the same horrifically boring color
See, even with his Menorah... Leo is sad in Blandsville.

And the in progress:
A slate-y color that is called "Antique Tin"
White trim, etc.
The mess was included with the paint.

It is making me so damn happy. But also pretty damn stressed, because, it's going to be awhile before I can completely finish the project (dog, work, life, laziness, high ceilings) and I can only handle the mess for so long before I start to go apeshit.

or cat pissed.

Well, I think that's all the stuff I have to talk about... Have a great weekend!

P.S. just because...

Can you ever get sick of looking at
Stevie Nicks circa 1977?
No. Never.
 Anyone else find it ironic that she's drinking
out of a "coke" cup?


chacha said...

Stevie Nicks is the shit.

I was actually kind of obsessed with reading the whole relationship drama dynamic that went down with her and Lindsey Buckingham. I was so wrapped up in it that I felt all bummed out they couldn't work it out. Like 40 years later, I'm bummed out about it.

Anyway, when I was in my work band days, we played Rhiannon and Go Your Own Way.

Silver Springs and Dreams are go-to karaoke songs for me.

Amy said...

OMG! I KNOW! I am dying for her to write an autobiography... but on her wikipedia page, it says she won't till everyone is way old and doesn't give a shit. Also says that she has kept a journal and written in it everyday since she started with Fleetwood Mac and she's leaving it to her Nieces. Can you imagine?

Mainly though, I just have an ENORMOUS girl crush on her.

Coach Bitch said...

I had a major crush on Stevie before you bitches were even born.

In case you weren't aware of it, Lindsey and Stevie put out their own record before the FM days, and on the cover, neither of them is wearing a shirt.


Amy said...

I've seen that cover! Honestly... I could do without Lindsay. It's a weird pic of him, but Queen Stevie,looks mega hot. Obvi.

chacha said...

LOL, Coach Bitch! Well, Rumors came out the year before I was born, so I think I existed when you had your girl crush (70s baby).

I've seen that record - I believe they called themselves "Buckingham Nicks" - they met in high school when she moved to NorCal for her senior year. She's older than him, I think by a year.

Anyway, would I love to read that journal. I mean, she also used to date Don Henley, and there's some speculation about what the meaning of her song "Sara" (i.e. that she was prego with Henley's baby).

Leather and Lace - another goodie.

Coach Bitch said...

Yeah, Lindsey has a slight case of moobs on the Buckingham Nicks cover.

Gracie said...

Bought the Target copycat of those pants last week! And I love them, FWIW.

Carina said...

My dream car is the Vanquish.

And I'm jealous about your walls, even if they aren't done. I've lived in this condo for more than a decade and only the bedroom is painted, boring white everywhere else. I'm nervous about picking a color.

Anonymous said...

Stevie Nicks.... girls crushing on girls... And sports cars !

this post is kob approved.

Amy said...

Gracie: I have the target ones, too! They are a bit long and don't fit as well (junior sizing doesnt like me)... but, I think they are a great copycat!

Carina: The vanquish is a beautiful car. Good taste!

Chacha: PREGNANT WITH DON HENLEYS BABY???? Whaaaa? Wow. Where was TMZ in the early 80s?

Everyone: I also love that the post I do with the least info about running... gets the most comments. Haha.

Amy said...

kob: consider this an early birthday present.