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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Catching up

Oh gifs. How I've missed you.

So, THANK THE LORD JESUS HALLELUJAH PRAISE GOD AMEN, I am DONE recapping the Grand Canyon. I might sprinkle in a post or two about gear, food, etc. But... maybe not. I don't really feel like I did it well enough to be an expert, but maybe I could suggest what SHOULD be taken/used, etc. (15 pounds of Little Debbie Snack Cakes? Probably not necessary).

Anyway... since then... I've been thinking that I'm gearing up to start marathon training again. I set my sights on a race in September and I was pretty gung ho to get started. 
The day before starting up.

After my first run "marathon training."

And I realize, you're probably just as sick of hearing about all this marathon cycling as you are the Grand Canyon. But, when you WANT SOMETHING SO BAD, it's hard to step away from it, ya know? But, I'm officially taking a hiatus from the BQ obsession. I'm trying to get back into loving running and I don't need the pressure of meeting a specific time goal looming over me.

Instead, my strategy is going to be to keep running with my friends and try to get my fitness back a LITTLE. I'm hopefully still going to run that race in September (uhhh... I need some new states this year, for chrissakes!), but I am not going to focus on specific time goals. At some point, when I do start training again, I will instead just focus on improving and PRing and not an exact time. Do I want to improve and get faster? YES. But at the expense of my sanity? NO.

In other news... At my yearly checkup, it was discovered that my Vitamin D Levels are too low. I'm going to start taking a prescription amount of Vitamin D and have it rechecked in 8 weeks. A quick google search on a Vitamin D Deficiency gave me some A-HA moments: 

Head Sweater: Uhhh... Unbeliveably so.
Stomach problems: Well documented here.
Down in the Dumps: Yup.
Fatigue: Oh yeah.
 Killing babies and whatnot.

I'm always so obsessed with my B-12 and Iron levels, that Vitamin D never really occurred to me. Just a reminder to get ALL the things checked out. If you're feeling a little off, or not quite like yourself... there could be an easy fix. I was afraid that I had just turned into a tired, sad, sweaty, poopy person because that's what happens when you turn 34. BUT MAYBE NOT!!!!!

 We'll see what I am in 8 weeks.


Coach Bitch said...

I can't stop looking at that dude dancing. It's really grossing me out, but I can't stop.

Someone help me.

Gracie said...

IMHO vitamin D is a bit overhyped (new FDA levels mean that suddenly everyone is low!) but I do think some adequate sun exposure does a body good. It's a balance between skin cancer and vitamin D levels!

Amy said...

Coach: Mwhahahahahah

Gracie: Interesting!I had no idea that they changed the guidelines for levels. Also, disappointing!!! I was hopeful that maybe that's why I was feeling a little "off" for the last year or so. FWIW, I do spend a lot of time in the sun as a runner and dog owner (more than I ever have now that I have a dog) and my number is 5 points lower than it was when they last tested in 2010 (I'm at 22 now). So, MAYBE, I'll at least get some placebo effect benefits, if nothing else. Blarg. Thanks for letting me know about the FDA levels... I hope that wasn't just a "politically based" lowering.