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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Grand Canyon Part 3

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At this point, I was loving life. We had made it down the South Rim and were able to run a bit and shake the legs out in the bottom of the canyon. All around us were rock faces and the sun was bouncing off of them as it was coming up. It was beautiful and felt surreal.

All the sudden, we turned a corner and were greeted with this view...
The Colorado River.

Pictures just cannot do it justice.

It was incredible. We couldn't resist stopping to take a few pics as we ran alongside it.

We continued along the path and passed quite a few hikers going in the opposite direction during this stretch. We got asked A LOT... "what time did you start?" Most of these hikers had just started their way back up the South Rim from Phantom Ranch. So, I knew we were getting close to Phantom Ranch. 

This stretch of trail was mega sandy.
It was like running on a beach.

And then all the sudden.... I see the bridge that will take us over the Colorado River.

We had some fun taking pictures on the bridge.

I was excited as we approached Phantom Ranch... it was time to fuel up and fill up my hydration pack with water for the next stretch of the trail.


Keri said...

Dear God, that bridge, Silver Bridge, gives me a panic attack everytime I cross it. I have no idea what it is about it but I cannot get off that bridge fast enough each time!

Amy said...

Hearing about it, before I ever saw it, I thought it would freak me out... but it was actually bigger and safer-looking than I had imagined it would look. It is pretty wobbly, though!