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Monday, January 20, 2014

Pig Training: Week 1

Yup. I'm running the Flying Pig on May 4. And my goal is a 3:39:59. That's an 8:24 pace.

Technically, last week was my first week of training. But, I wasn't really coached and just kinda half-assed the week. ENJOYING IT WHILE I CAN.

The good:
My long run. I ran 15 miles on Saturday and they felt pretty easy and good.

The bad:
I took Thursday AND Friday off, so no wonder I felt amazing running 15 miles. 

I had good intentions on Friday. I was going to run after work, but I ended up working late and I just could not get myself amped to go out and run when all I wanted to do was sit on the couch, eat popcorn, and finish watching Top of the Lake on Netflix (which, I don't really recommend for the story, but holy shit, now I want to go to New Zealand).

I managed to get in just over 40 miles for the week.

This time of year is my busiest at work and when you add marathon training to that (and taking care of a muskrat dog), I have to pretty much say goodbye to all my non-running friends. See ya in May! The good news is... being so busy makes these next 4 months FLY by.

Training cycle #4,509. Here we go again.

Photo Dump of the past few weekends:
 Cutest dog, EVER.

Deep in conversation about economics or the diamond trade.
Or possibly bitches.

Chopping wood.

Shooting a gun.
Different weekend, same fucking shirt.

Is it the weekend yet?

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