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Thursday, December 5, 2013

BQ Training Weeks 15 & 16

The taper.

Holy freaking cow. This is it folks. In less than 48 hours I will be attempting my first and hopefully last for awhile Boston Qualifier. Where did 16 weeks go???? 

Am I ready? As ready as I can be, I suppose. I'm more anxious than nervous. I have a lot of anxiety about what mile 22 is going to feel like when I haven't had to stop and crap 3 times already or thrown up 6 times. I KNOW that I CAN do this. I just hope that I am able to do it on Saturday. 

This training cycle went well... but damn it was hard. I didn't have the luxury of having a bunch of other people training for a marathon at the same time (I'm looking at you bitches) and I struggled to get my ass out there and do the work. 
Luckily, The KoB stepped in and saved my ass on a few long runs and many other runs and didn't break up with me when I became irrationally bitchy at mile 12 of a 13 mile mid-week long run or when I fell and cried and rolled around on the sidewalk at mile 18.5 of a 20 miler.

I do think that having a training cycle that wasn't rainbows and unicorns will help on race day. I expect to hurt and I expect to feel like I can't do it at certain times during the race. But, I ONLY have to run for 3:34:59. That's not so bad, right? Haha.

Anyway, I feel prepared. Coach really outdid herself with my training plan this go around (I am going to kiss your feet, Coach, when I see you next for not making me do 10x800s this go around!!!!!!!). I loved the schedule and the varying workouts of intervals, marathon pace, and long runs. She has set me up... now all I have to do is deliver.

Week 15 Workouts:
Marathon Pace: 3 miles @ Marathon Pace
Long: 14-20 miles.

I ran the Marathon Pace miles a little faster than I had to and they felt pretty dang fast.  Obvi.

For my long run, I ran it on Thursday of last week and I felt like I needed another good long-ish run mentally. I ran 14 miles at an honest pace and I think it kept my head in check and not at the expense of my legs. Win.
I also ran 50 miles total last week. I've been averaging in the 60 range for most of my training cycle and I kind of felt like a significant drop off might mess up my mojo. So, 50 was enough to get me some rest, but not enough to get me USED to the rest.

Week 16 Workout:
Intervals: 8x400s at faster than 5K pace with 400 recoveries.

This workout kicked my ass. I think part of it was the recoveries. I've had rather short recoveries with most of my workouts lately and I just kinda stand around and catch my breath. With this workout, I ran the recoveries at about 9 minute pace. I only did 7 of the repeats. Hopefully that was enough to get some turnover in the legs. And of course made me feel terrible mentally about the race. Yay! Taper.

Like I always say though.... if all my runs feel terrible during taper week, I should be happy. That just means I'm saving the good run for the race.

See you on the otherside!


Carina said...

So excited for you. Hope the weather's good. You're going to kick @ss! You've had a strong training cycle and you know you're ready.

Meredith said...

I hope your marathon was not one of the ones that got cancelled for weather. I was cheering for you all weekend. Anxious to see how you did!