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Monday, November 25, 2013

BQ Training Week 14

OMG. 14 weeks in the books. ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS LEFT!

Now is the time for me to chill the eff out. I'm all freaked out that I only hit a 70 mile week ONCE during this training cycle and I'm just generally afraid that I didn't do enough. Shouldn't I be MORE beat up? Shouldn't I want to lay in bed and sleep all day? WHY DO I FEEL LIKE I COULD KEEP GOING ON LIKE THIS FOR 6 MORE WEEKS? ACK!!!!!
Relax, yo.

Anyway, this week was rather exciting because I had a beer mile race on Friday and then The KoB had his goal race on Sunday. SPOILER ALERT: I suck and The KoB truly is a beast. Separate posts on both of those events to come.

Intervals: 3x 800, 600, 400, 200 @ 7:00 pace.
Marathon Pace: 8-10 miles with 2x15 minutes at Marathon Pace
Long: My choice of 14-20 miles.

The interval workout felt totally manageable for once. They were challenging enough that I needed a good amount of focus, but easy enough to make me feel really awesome for a few hours afterwards. Also, since the KoB was tapering, he ran the entire workout with me. Boom.

My marathon pace run went well because my BFF Melissa stepped in and did them with me. I was excited to talk about shopping* and general girly stuff. Yay. But at the end of that run, I started to feel an extreme tightness in my right butt cheek. Fun.

Saturday, I planned on running 20 miles as a last ditch confidence booster. I met up with a posse of The KoB, Steve, and Melissa and about 2 minutes in, my butt started hurting AGAIN. WTF?

It just felt stiff and tight and because of the tightness, my gait was all wonky and that made my pelvic/groan/hip region hurt. Awesome. It didn't keep me from running, but it did keep me from running fast-ish. so, I bailed after 13 miles. FAIL.

I'm convinced that it's the latest model of Vomeros that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I wore other shoes on Friday, Sunday, and today and while I didn't run more than 6 miles any of those times, I never had any hint of pain in my ass region. WHAT THE FUCK, NIKE? I don't understand why every new model of shoes has to CHANGE? Ugh. I went to 3 stores on Saturday searching for a pair of the old model in my size and have looked online and found nothing. My plan is not wear the new shoes again till after the race and I guess I'll just wear my old pair for the marathon. It's not ideal, because those shoes are worn the fuck out. But, at least my ass won't hurt for 26.2 miles.

Time to taper, bitches.

* To be fair, The KoB and I also talk about shopping while we run. Corvette shopping doesn't really count, though.


Carina said...

Haha, you feel like you could keep going for another 6 weeks because you're a total badass and you trained smart! Can't wait to hear about the beer mile. And good call on just ditching the new shoes for a while. I'm sure it's nothing, some kind of phantom pain, but no sense in mixing things up now. So excited for you!

Amy said...

Thanks Carina!!!