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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Workout 1. Done.

Centennial Park in Nashville.
Tranquil and Peaceful.  
This might come as a surprise to those of you who only know me from the blog, but I am a nice and friendly person. I try to treat people with respect and pride myself on following the "golden rule" that was practically beaten into my brain everyday as a child. (Yes, mom, I cuss like a sailor, but at least I'm nice to people. You can't win them all). I rarely get angry or pissed off and I pretty much avoid all confrontation. This results in a happy, peaceful life.

Most of the time. 

Yesterday was not one of those times. I headed over to Centennial Park to do my first workout of MISSION TO BQ Training 2013. It was 4:30pm and despite dodging all the Vanderbilt Freshman who are just milling around town hitting up all the Froyo places before classes start, I got to the park in a fairly decent mood. Sure, it was hot, humid, and sunny and there were about a zillion puddles to dodge because we've had rain for the last 67 days straight, but it was my first workout and I was excited!

The park seemed crowded, but I was unfazed by it while I continued my warm up. Well, after about 3 minutes of running, it became clear that the usually tranquil Centennial Park had turned into Dante's 5th Circle of Hell. There were people and cars EVERYWHERE and not just people, but aggressive, assholey people. I'll spare you the details, but just know that I ran angry and pissed the entire time. Which of course translated into running my workout too fast.

I was hoping for a happier 1st workout done post, but honestly... I'm just glad that I'm not in jail for doing this yesterday:
'Twas merely a fantasy.

15 1/2 more weeks to go... I better find another place to do my workouts.

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wesa121 said...

Excited for you to have started training!!!! I'm on Week 7 of 18 and feeling good so far. I CAN NOT WAIT for this damn humidity to go away.