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Friday, August 2, 2013



I've been talking for the last couple of weeks about how I'm exciting for marathon training to begin next week. And then "next week" comes and it's not time for marathon training. Today is August 2. And my goal marathon is in December, so... all last week, I was like... "this is my last week before marathon training! I better eat up, drink up, sleep up, and laze around as best I can!"

Monday came and I was SO EXCITED. It's time to start marathon training! I fire off an email to my Coach about how committed I am, etc and she emails me back:

Anyway, the marathon is 19 weeks from this past weekend, so you’re going to have to continue sitting on the edge of your training seat for a little while. 


So, yeah, I'm still in training purgatory over here. And I have nothing to say that is running related on the ole blog. But, here's a cute picture of my dog:
Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

His name is Leo, Mr. Bloom.