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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gut Update

The Ann Arbor Marathon may have been a shit show endurance-wise. But, in the grand scheme of my running life... it was a total and complete game changer. Discovering that GLUTEN could be what was sabotaging my races/long runs is probably the most important/beneficial thing that I have ever done for my running. Since that race, I've been continuing to experiment with eating gluten free (mostly) the night before long runs and the morning of, and (knock on wood) I've had nothing but success!

And you know what... it's really fucking easy to eat gluten free. For one... lots of delicious vegetarian things are gluten free... Veggies, Rice, Quinoa, Potatoes, FRENCH FRIES, etc. And two... apparently "gluten free" is a pretty big movement right now... so.. like.. everything that is gluten free has a label announcing it.

Friday I realized that I had nothing to eat before my long run the next morning and instead of fighting the traffic/people/general hell that is Whole Foods on a Friday afternoon, I decided to to just pop into my local grocery store to pick up something for breakfast.

I stood in the breakfast aisle and checked out a few gluten free things. And because I'm cheap... I chose the one thing that was on sale:
In case you didn't know nuts and sugar are gluten free, 
there's a handy dandy label there.

I like nuts! I like sugar! Around 200 calories a bar! Sure!

The next morning I opened one up and nearly broke a tooth. When they said "crunch" they meant CRUNCH. I mean, these bars are essentially nuts enrobed in sugar and I actually have to bite into them with my side teeth, because I'm literally afraid it's going to break one of my veneers off. Not good.

I mean, they taste fine and all... but, yeah... I won't be getting these again. However, it did give me an idea of making them myself and not cooking the sugar so much that it turns the nuts into concrete. Maybe throw some peanut butter in there too. I'll let you know if I come up with something good. (Although, honestly... lazy Amy will probably win out and I'll just buy some gluten free pop tarts or whatev).

The love affair with gluten free (before runs/races) continues!

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