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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This is what happens to me when I'm in race training purgatory.

1. Running feels hard and boring and pointless.

2. I cannot stay away from Even though running feels like shit, I cannot stop fantasizing about when I'm in shape again and how I want to race EVERYTHING.

3. I haven't really adjusted my eating during this break, so, I'm just steadily packing on some summer pounds. That will make for some FUN first few chunky track workouts.
 (not pictured: BEER)

4. I have nothing interesting to say on the blog, but I figure I might as well pop in here every once in awhile. Particularly since my mom  is always making the comment... "well, since you don't blog that much anymore." (For the record? Huh? I feel like I blog more now than I ever did. Anyways).
Not relevant.

5. Being out of shape AND running in the heat is the worst. I just basically slog through all my runs and hope that my running partners don't kick me to the curb for running so goddamn slow.
This is the effort I put into runs these days.

I'm sorry. I promise things will pick up in August once I start marathon training. For now... you'll just have to put up with meaningless chatter and gifs from me.

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Meredith said...

Oh my stars. I love the gifs. You crack me up.