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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scrooge McScroogerson

Disclaimer: I'm about to rain all over the fucking happy day running parade. You've been warned.

So, if you're a runner and if you have an active email account (sales galore!) or frequent ANY running-related websites or blogs then you know that today is OMG:

This might surprise you, because I am a runner and I obviously enjoy running so much that I actually have a running blog, but honestly this "day" makes me want to throw up.
I mean, for me... Running Day is pretty much every goddamn day. Because, if I'm not actually running... then, I'm thinking about it or talking/bitching about it. It's just Wednesday! Which means, I do a double... I ran with my dog this morning and will run with The KoB tonight like I do EVERY Wednesday. 

What's next? National Take a Shower Day*? National Eat Lunch Day**? 

I get it. The idea of National Running Day is to promote the sport. Which, I am ALL FOR. But, isn't the best way to promote the sport to get out there more than just this one day? Don't you think people are more inspired by seeing dumbasses like me out there sweating my ass off every day on the sidewalk, rather than lacing up on this one day just cause everyone else is?

But, thousands of people will head out for a run today. And then tomorrow... what happens? Uh. We'll go back out and run again... cause that's what we do. It's called life as a runner.

Instead of being a bullshit "day" that marketers for stores, races, etc can use to increase sales, why can't it be a day to promote better running for our communities? Like, instead of after the group run that your local running store puts on this afternoon, buying a t-shirt that says... HEY LOOK AT ME, I RAN ON NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!... how about you call your councilwoman and tell her that you want water fountains on your local greenways? Or, lights! Or, a dirt path! Ask her how to get involved and how your community can make it happen. Sign up to volunteer at a race or for an organization like Girls on the Run. Donate money to your local running club (who, as an organization, promotes running year round! what a novel idea!). Do something that actually promotes the SPORT. Or, be like me, and just go about your running business like you do everyday. Because, honestly nothing promotes the sport of running better than having a whole bunch of runners out there everyday. We are the ambassadors for the sport and we don't need sponsors or corporations for help. Nothing pisses me off more than using something I love (running) to just sell a bunch of crap.

To be fair, it's not the spirit of running day that I'm opposed to. I mean, I love it. I owe a helluva lot to running. Running has changed/saved my life. And I LOVE to see people out running and love it when I hear about people starting to run for the first time! Because, I know what running can bring to a life. 

But, this day... National Running Day that is promoted by sponsors and used by marketers just feels so cheap to me. So, instead of wishing you a Happy Running Day... I'm going to wish you a Happy Wednesday, Runner.

*Sponsored by Irish Spring or Dove or some shit, of course.
**Sponsored by Subway or Arbys or whatev.