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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recovery Weekend

Technically, last week, I was recovering from the Ann Arbor Marathon. So... I ran 9 miles total. Wahoo.

I'm happy to report that after about 6 weeks of basically not giving two shits about running, I am now quite excited about getting into a new training cycle and cranking out some workouts. I am sure all this excitement will go straight out the window as soon as I realize it's SUMMER, goddamitt.

Anyway... here's how I spent my last weekend before getting back into training.

I consumed about a bazillion calories in one slice of my
brother's birthday cake. COCONUT Cake. Mmmmm.
Plus it was a professionally decorated cake
with a golf motif. FANCY.

Then I spent some time trying to convince my dog that he can swim.

He preferred just sitting in the water, though.

There was some fishing...with no results.
Leo caught a bit of sand.

And on the way home we spotted an Eagle's Nest!

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