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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Sometime last year my running Sensei mentioned an online running store that I had never heard of:

Running Warehouse

Somehow in years of spending time on the internetz googling running stuff, I had never come across this site before. But, it's like the best online running store. First of all, you get free 2-day shipping. I ordered a pair of shoes yesterday morning and they will be on my doorstop tomorrow! FOR FREE.

The hint of purple will complement my Run Bitches shirt perfectly.

Also, they have a great selection. All the colors of my ASICS Nimbus are usually available and my size is always in stock. And their prices are always lower than MSRP. My Nimbus retail for $140 (ridiculous), but right now Running Warehouse has them for $116.95. BOOM Bitches. (Plus, I always google running warehouse coupon code, and have always found one for an additional 10-15% off. And, as an extra bonus, if you live in TN, there is no sales tax).

I've ordered a bunch of running shoes from them, and have also ordered some shorts and a running top (which had a shipping issue that their customer service handled perfectly and even gave me an additional 5% off).

Anyway, you guys are probably all over this and already know about Running Warehouse, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.Where do you buy your running stuff online? Am I missing out on some other great site?

And as a disclaimer... I like to support my favorite local running store, too: The Athlete's House. After all these online purchases, it's about time I head over there.


wesa121 said...

I love Running Warehouse. I have been using them for a few years. I bought hubby 2 pairs of his shoes b/c they went on clearance, then 6 months later he realized he didn't like them anymore. I didn't have any invoice info, I emailed them and they sent me an invoice and the free return shipping label! They refunded me in full! Great customer service.

Carina said...

I'm one of the few probably who never shops for running stuff online. I'm totally paranoid about my local running store. I love them to pieces and think my running would seriously suffer if they ever went under, so I do 100% of my shopping there. I also like being able to try on clothes before buying, and the store's close to my house, so not inconvenient.