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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dry Run 1 Results

So, I actually did everything I said I was going to do leading up to my long run on Sunday.

Saturday I ate a lunch of cheese pizza around noon and then for dinner I had pasta with marinara sauce and a salad (I know, it's fiber, but it's not like I'm eating THAT much of it).

Sunday morning I woke up at 4:30 and felt like I had been smashed in the head with a hammer. I wasn't sure if the run was going to happen or not, but, I still got up and ate my english muffin, poptart and started on some coffee.

By about 5:30am, I was starting to feel better and was glad that I went ahead and started the routine when I got up. I was pounding the coffee like crazy and as such... I ended up taking down all my upper kitchen cabinet doors...
3 cups of coffee and 2 hours to kill before your long run?
(Also, nothing like a picture to make you realize how cluttered your shit looks).

(I am painting the upper cabinets white because I'm so fucking tired of living in a beige/sand colored box).

Around 6:30, I started getting dressed and ready.

A handheld water bottle
2 packages of Shot Blox
A 5 Hour Energy
17 Ricola's.
Half a roll of toilet paper (for my nose, surprisingly)
5 pounds of mucus in my head (see above).

At 7:04, I embarked on my run. At 7:14 I was stopped on the side of the road spitting my lungs out and blowing my head off. This would continue every 1.5 miles or so. GOOD TIMES. 

I took my shot blox about every 4 miles. At mile 11, I downed the 5 Hour Energy. 

Besides the fact that I had to stop every 1.5ish miles to blow my nose, the run was fantastic. No stomach problems, legs felt great, head was in the game and my splits were right on target (I'm sure the stops helped that, though). In the end, I ended up with 17 miles and about 4 pounds less mucus.


1. No pizza. (No dairy in general). I didn't have any stomach issues, but I'm still nixing the pizza at lunch the day before. I just don't want to take any chances.
2. Stop drinking coffee 1:15 before the start of the race. I stopped with about an hour before the run and everytime I stopped to blow my nose, I felt like I had to pee.
3. Coffee=GOOD

 Even though I want to drink like 12 cups,
I think 3 cups is probably the max.

4. 5 Hour Energy: Hard to say if it really helped or not... but it certainly didn't hurt, will continue testing this weekend.
5. Shotblox: Starting them early and eating them often is key.
6. Handheld. Yeah, it's so nice to be able to sip whenever I'm thirsty and be able to eat a shot blox without choking whenever I want.

Dry Run #2 is Saturday morning. I'm not going to change much... although, fingers crossed I won't have to carry so much on me.


LAPT said...

WOOOOOO! That sounds like a pretty good first dry run! I've never been able to eat too much before a race, but I guess eating soooo early helps. BTW...what flavor poptart?

Also. Hope you are surviving this tax season!

Amy said...

LAPT!!! What up, Bitch???

Strawberry pop-tart, naturally.

Miss you!

chacha said...

Yeah, that flu took down a bunch of people including my husband the day before we left for the UK.

I chuckled pretty good on the 17 ricolas. Every time I read that word, I get the commercial jingle runnign through my head.