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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 9

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.
Joseph Campbell

Week 9 was a cutback week and I wasn't even all that pissed about it. I mean obviously, I grumbled and kicked the ground a few times when I found out, but I didn't mind it. TOO MUCH.

To be completely honest, I'm trying really hard not to pay too much attention to my training on a daily basis. Nine weeks of training so far has put me into a pretty good place, fitness-wise and I'm trying not to get too excited when I have a good tempo run or whatever. I'm just trying to think of them as crossed off the to-do list. Not crossed off with hearts and daisies next to them.
It's a little early to get excited. But, I am gaining confidence. Which is more important than excitement, anyway.

Week 9 workouts:
Fast: 5 miles at 8:35ish
Fastish: 5x400s at 2:00
Race: 10 miles.
Total: 40ish

I did my tempo run on my own and nailed it. Scary thought, but I think tempo runs are becoming my favorite run of the week. WHAT THE FUCK? Mentally, they are the most challenging and I always have a mini freak out session right before I start a tempo run. They can either be:

1. A huge confidence booster that has you spending 4 hours a day with the McMillan Calculator.


2. A soul crusher that makes you feel like a slow-ass, lazy shit that just wants to go home and bury your face in a gallon of ice cream.

For now, I'm getting intimate with McMillan, but I'm sure the ice cream days are coming.

My track workout of the week was just to get my legs ready for race pace on Saturday. I had these explicit instructions from coach: Don't run these any faster than this or I'll kill you. Thanks. 

Done! My legs felt like shit the morning that I did them, but it helped loosen them up a bit, I think.

Overall, another successful training week down, another boring recap. I swear to god, there will be tears and blood and ice cream at some point. But, I'm glad it wasn't this week.


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Carina said...

Ooh, I used to love Joseph Campbell. That name hasn't been in my brain lately for some reason. Nice quote.