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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 5 Review

"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails."
                                                         William A. Ward

You know you're training when you see your running partner for the first time in two weeks and all you can think of to answer his "what's been goin' on?" question is to tell him about your running. Yup. That's about it.

That's not entirely true. I did just survive the last big deadline of the 2011 tax year and instead of being jubilant and excited about it, I've mainly just been exhausted. It's actually times like this that I'm glad to be training. It's nice to know that I'm always making time for something for ME despite the work craziness. Or it could just be that I'm a self-obsessed asshole and nothing's going to get in the way of what I want to do.

So... on to the training.

My coach was in fucking Ireland for like 10 days or some shit, but thank god she got back last week. I am happy to report that I got a passing grade for my training while she was gone. And now she's back and bossing me around again and pissing me off like she's supposed to be. YAY.

The Quick: 7 miles total, 4 miles at 8:45 pace.
The Dirty: 14 mile long run.
The Total:  50.

The results:
Well, the workout was the same as the previous week and while it wasn't ice cream and roses and puppy dogs, it wasn't awful. The KoB and I ran them a wee bit fast (averaged 8:30s), but I was pretty happy with the overall outcome.

So, my long run was a 1 mile warm up jogging around a parking lot and then I ran 13.1 miles in a half marathon. More to come on that.

I actually ended the week with 49.9 miles. BOOM.

Overall, I don't really remember last week. I take that as a good sign. This is my happy place in training... 50-55 miles a week with only one workout a week. It's like the lazy woman's perfect training. For the past few weeks I've felt good. The runs have been easy, my body feels good, no muscle fatigue or exhaustion (well, Sunday's run felt pretty god damn awful after the race on Saturday). I'm trying to enjoy this... phase 2 is quickly approaching.

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