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Thursday, September 6, 2012

What I want.

Obviously, all I can think about is starting my training for the Marathon. It's actually kinda freaking me out a little. But, I'm ready for a weekly training plan, I'm ready for tempo runs and intervals, I'm ready for tune-up races and PRs. A year ago, I didn't give a shit about how I performed in races and now it's like I'm a total junkie for training plans and improvement. It doesn't hurt that I have people in my life that really believe in me and WANT me to do well.

When I was training for my half marathon PR, I often talked about my TEAM (because we all know how lazy of a fuck I can be). And without my team, there is no way I could have gotten the results that I did. This time around, I'll be relying on my team even more.

My coach. Who not only puts together training plans for me,
but also runs with me, and offers impromptu therapy sessions
for me when I'm FREAKING OUT.  

 Steve, my running partner that pushes me and keeps
me honest during training. He never balks when
I tell him about the bazillion miles of speedwork 
we have to do that day. Although, he's probably
cussing out Coach with every step.

 The KoB patiently listens to me bitch and moan, answers
all my running related questions thoughtfully and honestly
and inspires me with his badass-ery.
He also scares rental car agents. 

Sorry y'all, it's going to be a long ass 22ish weeks. (I mean good grief, it hasn't even started yet and I'm already talking about it! And have been for the past 2 months!).

Speaking of which... last week, I sent an email to Coach (OMFG she is going to be soooo sick of me by December. Lots of booze your way, Tanya, I swear!) about the types of things I want to do while training. Because, as a control freak, I can't just go with the flow... no, I have to interject my piss poor suggestions to my coach. Yes, I'm ashamed that this is how self-obsessed I can be.

BUT, this is kinda what I want (in 2 months I'll probably be deleting this post from the archives):
  • Two-a-Days once a week. I really don't have a good reason for this, except that it makes me feel a little bad ass-ish. And vanity is always important in running. I'm sure it has some advantages: running on tired legs, etc and I'm sure it has some disadvantages: running on tired legs, etc.
  • Getting High. As in high mileage. As long as my body can handle it, I prefer to run high mileage weeks. I get a lot of confidence from looking at my running log and seeing lots of miles in there.
 Don't worry, Mom. Not this kind of "high mileage."
  • PRing the shit out of some races. Actually, I just want to race more. I can be a total bitch ass pansy in the middle of a race and I think running a race once a month or so will teach me to toughen up a bit. (It probably won't).

 After I fired off this email to Coach, she pretty much responded with a CHILL THE FUCK OUT, BITCH. I GOT THIS.

Let's go, Team!


Cheryl said...

Amy- I'm excited that YOU'RE excited about the upcoming pain we have signed up for! Looking forward to our next training run with the Bitches..let's kick some marathon ass!!

Amy said...


Run Bitches 4Eva.

Hope you're feeling better!