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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day Two: Still Bitching!

Yup. Day two and I'm still pissing and moaning through my measly 5 miler. This morning I got to bitch and moan to Steve! (I am a SUPER fun running partner).

Don't worry. I'm not going to be posting every single OMFGwillSheEverShutTheFuckUp day during training. But, I was going to ask you guys a question (all 4 of you). For my Half Marathon Training, I recapped the previous week's training every Monday-ish here on the blog. I told you what my planned workouts were and how they turned out. When I started that, I was using it as a tool for me to go back and look and see what I did (in case my Coach dumps me one day). But, HELLO dumbass, that's what my running log is for.

All this to say... is anyone interested in a weekly re-cap of training? Sometimes when I see other bitches weekly re-caps it just kinda makes me hate them because regardless of who they are, I always compare my own training to theirs. (Mostly just the bitches who are faster and more successful at running than I am. Jealous much?).

Let me know if you'd like the weekly re-caps... either way, I'll probably hit the highlights of my training: the intervals where I imagine all the different ways that I can torture Bart Yasso, the long runs where I want to blow my brains out from boredom, the tempo runs where I think of all the different ways I can torture my Coach, the falls where I scrape the shit out of my knees, and just my general crabbiness about failures and my over the top excited rainbows and unicorns talk when things are going well.


Anonymous said...

I live them!! I live comparing others training schedule to mine (and curl up in fetal position and cry). No really, keep them!

Anonymous said...

I like the weekly recaps, I vote you keep doing them.


Amy said...

Lazy Chick: I don't think mine will ever be hardcore enough to elicit that kind of response (sadly), but thanks for letting me know!

KoB: You might regret having this in writing in about 8 weeks when you are SICK AS SHIT of hearing me talk about my training.

Keri said...

I like reading them too! Only and only, if they include commentary!

chacha said...

I also liked them.

I think the recaps I don't like are on blogs that focus too much on time (look how fast I went! Wee! I'm awesome!). That kind of stuff gets old. Your recaps are funny.

BTW, have you considered turning off your comment verification? Blogger has actually gotten really good at spam and bot filtering. I turned mine off a while ago and Blogger has been catching the BS ones nearly every time.

Amy said...

Cool. I'll keep doing them, then!

And cha-cha, thanks for the tip! I went ahead and got rid of the word verification thing.