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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My running is still pretty shitty.

I tried faking it last weekend. I ran long on Saturday. I picked my favorite route thinking that I could somehow get the magic back by running on crooked country roads with nostalgic landmarks from my childhood. I stopped at one particular point on the road to take in the beauty of the sun-sparkled dew on the unkempt fields. I kept telling myself over and over again, that I love this! I love running! And then, I realized... Shit! I have to run 5 miles to get back to my car. I hate running! Fuck running!

I've been getting some gentle nudging that maybe it's time for a little break. Initially, I was all... break? Fuck that. I don't need no stinking break. I will not give into this funk. I will continue on and make running my bitch. But, upon reflection, maybe it is time to scale things back a bit. I keep telling myself that it's just mental, but I'd have to be a real tool to realize that it's not physical, too.

I've realized that I'm happiest when I'm knee deep in training. Which, is completely shocking. I've never been good with doing what people tell me to do or doing things that are expected of me. But, for whatever reason, having a shiny new plan every week and knowing that someone is checking my log to make sure I'm doing those runs is so much fun!

So the idea of scaling things back a bit and just running a little for the helluva it (aka my running for the 5 years prior to Half Marathon PR training) sounds just AWFUL. It sounds boring and lame and not worth getting up in the morning for. Blah.

I spent about 20 minutes yesterday mapping out a race schedule for myself for the rest of the year. And you know what... it's totally got room for a little break from running for the next couple of weeks. Ugh. I am begrudgingly scaling back. A little! Just for a couple of weeks! Arg!

*In non pity party pathetic news, I went to my first ever track meet on Saturday. Ummm... So much fun!!!!!!! Holy crap I had no idea that watching people I don't even know running around in circles could be so much fun and make you feel inspired and jealous at the same time! I also had no idea that I could be as nervous as I was watching KoB set a PR in the 5000m! So exciting!!!!

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Carina said...

Wow, I watched my first track meet last week and am hoping to compete for the first time tonight (and also kind of hoping it storms this afternoon so it's cancelled so I don't have to compete tonight).