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Monday, June 25, 2012

How to...

...Survive a break from running without going crazy and without making the people who put up with you on a daily basis crazy.

1. Uhhh... run! I mean, sure it was a break, but, I was still running... SOME. I took 3 days off the first week and 2 days off the second week. I thought I'd be ready to knife someone in the groin after 5 days off in 2 weeks... but... I kinda liked it!

2. Realize that going easy for a couple of weeks isn't the WORST THING IN THE WORLD. As we are all aware here, I can be a bit of a drama queen. I had all these images of trying to start back up after a break and only being able to run around the block. For realz, this was something I was legitimately worried about.* I was also afraid that without any schedule that I'd immediately revert back to Who Gives a Flying Fuck Amy. Neither of these things happened. (obvs).

3. Remind yourself that after this little break you're going to feeling amazing. And not just your legs... (although, they did feel quite fresh this morning... well, at least for the warm-up). But the real news here is my head. My head finally feels really good. Like, I'm totally not faking it... I feel good, confident, excited, etc. YAY RUNNING. That DNF dark cloud seems to be skeedaddling out of here and it's making way for a rainbow with unicorns prancing underneath or some shit.
4. Appreciate the fact that you'll have some good hair days when you take days off from running. More time in the morning= more time spent on the hair. Of course, none of this really matters since it's June in Tennessee...

5. Sleep in on a Sunday. If you're going to take a break, for chrissakes, get drunk on a Saturday night and sleep in the next day. Glorious!

*The one thing that has always kept me consistently running since I started is knowing how incredibly hard it is to start back up again. That is my worst nightmare.

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