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Thursday, February 2, 2012

8 Weeks in.

So, yeah... nothing to see here. Everything is unicorns and rainbows (except for that long run on Saturday, good god the wind!). I had a girls night last Friday night with some of my favorite runners (wassup, Coach?) and while I'd like to blame the beer that night for my poor performance on my long run the next morning... I know I can't, because the week before, the night before my long run I had like 1-2 MORE beers than I had last week. Weird. Whatev. I got it done and that's all that matters.

In other news... I'm going to NYC tomorrow to celebrate my birthday with a trip to the empire state building, some art stalking at the Met, a walk along the high line, meandering through neighborhoods, a yoga class or two, and of course... no trip to NYC is complete without a reflexology massage!

Also... to make this post even more random..  I'm going to throw out my birthday resolutions... (last year I said that I would make my bed every single day and I did! Woo hoo!)... this year, I'm going to diligently keep a daily gratitude journal and buy fresh flowers for my house every week.

How were your runs last week... do you run better when you've drunk MORE beers the night before?


Carina said...

Ah, to be 32 again. At the ripe old age of 36, I never run better with more beer the night before. Never. Have fun in the city.

LAPT said...

um... what? it's your birthday? what day? and this means i'm paying for a birthday drink when i'm in town in ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!

also, so many stories to hear/tell.

have a BLAST in nyc!! and good job with your training...I'm jealous, kind of.

Katie said...

I always run better with beer inside me.

Carina said...

Hey, I read this today and thought you might enjoy. Article about Lilya Shobhukova, one to watch in London! When I read her daily sample schedule, my jaw was on the floor.

Carina said...

Not sure if you can read that. Here it is, broken apart, just put it all on one line.