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Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 1 Training Review

So, week one is over. Here's what the week looked like.

Planned. And what I actually did.
Monday: Warm up 1 mile, 2.5 miles at 9:00 pace, 1 mile cool down.
Warm up 1 mile. 2.5 miles at about 8:45ish pace, and then 1 mile cool down(which was actually fastest mile of the day, oops).
Tuesday: 5 miles easy.
5 miles easy.
Wednesday: Warm up 1 mile, 5x400s at 2:00 each. 400 recoverys in between and a 1 mile cool down.
Yeah, you all know how this one went.
Thursday: 3 miles easy.
3 miles easy.
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 3 miles progressive to half marathon pace.
Ran a race instead! More to come, but ran some extra warm up and cool down miles, instead.
Sunday: 8 miles easy.
All I could muster was 7.5. Arg!

So, yeah, I can definitely tell that the faster runs are a lot more tiring than just running my easy miles everyday. I slept better this week than I have in awhile.

My coach suggested that I run a 5k to see where I'm at so that she could build the training plan from my current level of fitness, so that's where Saturday came from. I'll have a full race report on that coming up.

So far so good. The newness hasn't worn off yet and I'm still strangely excited about this whole thing.

In my first week, I've also already said... "thank god I have a coach" at least 3 times.
1. When I got my weekly training plan emailed to me... yay! I dont have to think!
2. When I got reprimanded for running too fast on Wednesday. Yay! Someone to actually enforce the training plan!
3. Sunday, when I would have TOTALLY bailed on my run, but knowing that my coach was going to be looking at my log, I KNEW I had to get out there and get it done... even if it was at 6pm. Ugh.

Week one down... only a bajillion more to go!

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LAPT said...

And how was the 5k? I have one this coming Sunday...