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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Thoughts, comments, rants... Post Stumpjump.

-- I'm a little disappointed in the race shirt... it's the same EXACT color (different fabric) as last years. I guess this is the universe telling me that I don't need both of them anyway...

Umm.. Yeah, not kidding.

--You know what my favorite thing about trail racing is? No, not the feeding stations with Peanut M&Ms, Pringles, Fig Newtons, and flat Mountain Dew. No, not the trails. Not the nature or the scenery. Not the shade or even the peace and serenity. Hands down, without a doubt, it's the people. I've ran a bunch of road races in my life... and had a blast. But, the people in trail races are amazing. They are the most non-judgemental, most encouraging, most AMAZING people you'll ever meet. Think I'm a dumbass for running a marathon after a 50k? Yeah, well... that's being a pansy to these people. They are the baddest asses you'll ever meet. And most of them (at least in my back of the pack group) are at least 20 years older than me. And they run these ultras like it's their job... weekend after weekend. You'd think it'd be all Lord of the Flies out there...but there is an unflappable bond of respect and camaraderie out there.

--Plus, the guys are hot as hell. Bonus.

--I'm not going to lie. I'm still a little peeved about the grilled cheese fiasco.

-- Today I ran. For the first time this week. And while my legs felt surprisingly decent, my lungs felt like I was running a 5k. Um. And now my quads feel sore again. Not a good sign for Sunday.

--My finger. So, yeah, I fell on it and bent it in some funky ass way and it swelled up a bit and it's still a tad swollen and I still can't really grip anything (opening stuff is a real pain), but it's getting better.

--Last year, the Monday after the race, I threw up. I think it was from all the junk food during the race, all the drinking after the race, and all the junk food the whole next day. This year, I played it smart. I lightly fueled during the race, I ate a fairly decent dinner Saturday night (no booze! can you believe it?!) and went right back to my regular eating on Sunday. Monday, I woke up feeling great!

--I still haven't signed up for the Lookout Mountain 50 miler in December. I wanna do it. But, I'm scared of the 34 kazillion creek crossings. IN DECEMBER. Ugh. Such a pansy. I'm pretty sure I'll do it, though.

--The race packet this year was kinda interesting...
Goldbond??? Who told them I'm a sweaty beast???

So, yeah, shirt and a hat this year instead of socks (pretty sure I would prefer smartwool socks... but, whatev), a stumpjump sticker, a hammer gel, some cortizone-10 (really?), goldbond (really?), a sample of Nuun, and a Trailrunner magazine. Also as a finisher I got another medal (exactly like last years, except the ribbon is a different color).

--Had kind of an awkward moment when I realized that one of the guys from NIPPLEGATE (the one I had just met for the first time that day) was AT the race.. and recognized me (my face, guys. I wasn't showing my nipples again, I promise). Thankfully, the nips were not discussed and I was able to gush over his recent awesome race finishes (he's kinda awesome and hardcore... which makes the whole thing more awkward, cause here I am gushing over him and asking him for his autograph, and he's all... "remember I told you about XYZ at the beer mile?" And I'm all... "I was trashed out of mind, hell no, I don't remember," but, instead of saying that, I nodded and said.. yes, yes, I totally remember.) Sigh.

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Zoe said...

Love it. I stumbled upon your blog a while back because I run and like to read about marathons. I'm running my 6th in a week in a half. How do you stay so slender and drink like that? Impressive! Teach me how, please!