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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Runner Road Rage

This morning Carolyn and I headed to Percy Warner Park to run the 5.8 (+ the Luke Lea add-on). It was good. All was well... until towards the end of the run... I heard someone behind me... and it sounded like they said... "BIKE!" So... I hightailed it to the right side of the road... and while doing so, I heard the same person say... "RIGHT! RIGHT!" in an annoyed voice and so I moved rather sheepishly over to the left side of the road.

And as the bike whizzed by, I decided to tell him why the confusion... (because, I love cyclists! I've got some good friends who are cyclists and I like to think that I'm a runner who is cycler-friendly. PLEASE CYCLISTS LIKE ME!).

"Aren't bikes supposed to pass on the left? I'm used to hearing.. on your left!"

no response, so I continued...

"I thought you said BIKE, which is an honest mistake, because BIKE sounds a lot like RIGHT."

still no response, so I got a little annoyed and continued...

"And you know what doesn't sound like anything else? LEFT."

And by the that point he was pretty far ahead of us, yet I was still giving him the finger.


Amanda Crawford said...

I ride a bike, too, and I pretty much accept that when I find myself behind pedestrians of ANY kind I may actually have to slow down and chill out for a moment until they realize where I am and move aside a bit. Shouting (unclear) orders at people and expecting them to hop to it is RUDE. Jackass deserved that finger! (Now, non-sharing pedestrians when I myself am also a pedestrian? Rage aplenty! but that's another matter...)

Tanya said...

The real prize takers are the ones who bellow, "ON YOUR RIGHT!!" and then, "I MEAN ON YOUR LEFT! YOUR LEFT!"


Stephanie said...

hahahah i love your response to this. geezzz!! oh dear.