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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Shit

I. I went to the doctor on Monday morning.
    a. The nurse (who ALWAYS riles me up before she takes my blood pressure. bitch.) took my blood pressure and said... "Ohhhh.. your blood pressure is lower." And I was like... hells yeah, bitch. (In reality, I smugly sat there and said, "oh really?" like I didnt know and didn't care).
    b. The doctor was all... "ohhhh your blood pressure is finally down!" and before he could even finish the sentence, I was interrupting him... I was all.. "HELLS YES. I am a medical genius, because I pegged it as my birth control and also... because I am a medical genius, I stopped taking that blood pressure med months ago, so this BP reading is legit!" Boo-YA.

II. I'm going to Portland, OR tomorrow! Where I will be
   a. Visiting and hanging out with my bestie, Steph!!
   b. Dropping some coin (Helllloooo no sales tax! Momma needs a new pair of shoes. Trail shoes).
   c. Hiking along the coast and Mt. Hood and the Gorge.
   d. Eating doughnuts (nevermind that I dont even like doughnuts).
   e. Running some and hopefully taking a yoga class.
   f. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Meeting up with my virtual twin (except, she's younger, cooler, has red hair and wayyyy better style than me) Lauren for a run around Portland on Saturday morning.

III. Ummm.. I got my haircut today...
    a. So, I started the day looking like this...
 long, stringy, locks that I was CRAZY attached to.

    b. Showed the stylist this...
which we both agreed was TOO SHORT for me.
And that she'd only cut 2 inches off my length.
   c. And now I look like this...
Where the fuck did my hair go? Jesus Christ.

   d. And now I'm trying to get used to this short hair. Ummm... I can barely pull it into a ponytail... Did you read that??? I can barely pull it into a ponytail!!!! Ugh. (This is why it's been 5 years since I've gotten a haircut). 


Melanie said...

Your hair looks great! I love it! Have a blast in jealous!

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah. Didn't see any mention of watching football in Portland.


(btw, your hair looks great!)

LAPT said...

OMG! I didn't see your hair down when we went for our run! It is the perfect cut and your hair looks so nice and shiny. I was jealous of my girlfriends all weekend b/c they have such manageable hair and mine is like: "What's up? I'm going to be super annoying and disgusting looking unless you wash me each day and spend 20 minutes putting 4 different products on me." (My hair talks.)

Katie said...

um, i think your hair looks great!