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Friday, July 8, 2011

This is how I do (did)...

inside joke there on the title..

Anyway. This was my Thursday-Tuesday (not in chronological order)...

Ran along the East River...
Some kind of film crew had all their crap (see the light in the middle of the pic) everywhere along the greenway, including lots of old cars lined up.
Ran past the Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridges.


Checked out The High Line... both at night and during the day. My new FAVORITE thing in NYC!

Seriously, I'm ready to permanently move to one of those benches.

Ate a ridiculous amount of Indian food at Vatan. (3 courses! All you can eat! Belly happy!)

Checked out the coolest art performance I've ever seen. Sleep No More. If you live in NYC or are visiting there this summer.. you HAVE to get tickets and go. It will blow your mind. I can't even describe the experience! Just go... and then we can talk about it and compare notes and I won't have to annoy everyone else with TRYING to explain it... cause, I just kinda end up making it sound like a haunted house.

Ate at Tom's Diner...

I was totally geeking out. Such a Seinfeld nerd.

After lunch at Tom's... strolled through Columbia University's campus. And then made our way over to Riverside Church, where Dr. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela have spoken.
I stole this picture from their website (probably going to hell now). It's shitty (definitely going to hell now). It doesn't do it justice AT ALL. I felt like I was sitting in Westminster Abbey or something. I mean this church is UNBELIEVEABLE.

Crossed the street and checked out Grant's Tomb.

Had a 1 hour Reflexology Massage that I'm still reeling from. Also. Chinatown cracks me up!

Took a walking tour of Union Square. So interesting.

Shopped... picked up a dress at H&M (I mean, clearly you can't go into an H&M without carrying a bag out). And went to Moo Shoes, Zara, Anthropologie, and  Madewell. Twice. The second time to buy two shirts, only to not find my size in one and then two girls fawning over the rack (where the other shirt was) in such a way that I could not get around those bitches to squeeze in and pick up the shirt.... sigh. Thank god for online ordering... although CRIKEY. The color is sold out in one of the shirts. Arg!

Read on a park bench in Madison Square Park...
Madison Square Park has the BEST art installations. How freaking cool?!?!?

This was a part of last years art installation at Madison Square Park. They had these statues placed all over... on the tops of buildings, etc. Was so cool to figure out where they all were. It was like a little army of  big brother bronze men watching you! Loved it!

Took a Dharma Level 3 yoga class and didn't feel like I was going to die like I did the last time in that class. Also took my friend's Deep Healing and Relaxation class there. Definitely seeing progress in my meditation and relaxation practice! No Dharma, because he was doing a retreat... but you always feel him there.

Took the subway up to 125th Street, walked through Harlem and made our way 99+ blocks throughout the course of the day... walked all through central park, stopping for moments... to pop into the Guggenheim's gift shop (such a sucker for gift shops), sat on various park benches (one in particular for almost an hour!), had lunch and then dinner...

Slurped down the most expensive and one of the tastiest milkshakes I've ever had at Cafe Reggio.

Popped into the Lower East Side Tenement Museum gift shop... VERY cool gift shop. Also checked out the Essex Street Market while we were down there.

Had lunch (and browsed the gift shop!) at the amazing Jivamukti Cafe (no class there this time, though).

Swore that I saw Carolina Herrera on the Upper East Side one afternoon. I was stuffing my pie hole at a diner, she was gracefully crossing the street. If not her (had her signature hair, red lips, and the starched white collared shirt. Collar was totally popped, of course)... then her doppelganger.

Enjoyed strolling the streets of NYC... no matter where we were or what we we doing. Finally feel like I'm starting to get a good lay of the land, there. But always feel like there's so much more to explore. Was a great holiday weekend! How was yours?

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