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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Long Runs of Summer

So... yeah... dumbass me signed up for a Marathon in early October (oh yes, and there's a 50k the weekend before that I guess bears mentioning as well)... which means.. training in JULY. Booo..

Anyway... last week running buddy Carolyn and I eeked out 10 miles together (and by eeked out, I mean, I asked if we could stop because I was feeling like a total pansy and she said no and I pouted for the next 4 miles) in the heat. The temperature wasn't unbearable... but my head just wasnt in it. I was bored, I didn't want to run 10 miles, I wanted to give up running and become a powerwalker. But, we pushed through.

This past weekend... the schedule called for 12. So, we met again on Saturday to bang it out. And I'm happy to report... this past weekend was like 10x better for me. We kept an easy pace (between 10-10:30 miles) and we stopped just a couple of times for water breaks (less than 2 minute stops) and when we started back up, I actually felt a little refreshed instead of feeling like the walk break beat me into a total sissy (like I feel a lot of the time). As we finished, we actually picked up the pace a little... to sub 10 minute miles... without realizing it! (I was ready to be done, methinks... and thirsty).

But, it felt good. I felt good.

Definitely helps that I'm officially off my blood pressure meds!!!! Wooooo hooooo! Turns out... switching to a non-estrogen birth control made my blood pressure drop and I was still taking the blood pressure meds (as instructed)... and that combo was making my blood pressure super low. No wonder I felt like I was going to die in the Indy Mini Marathon... I ACTUALLY WAS/POSSIBLY/COULD HAVE/POTENTIALLY DIED. So, anyway... now I'm all healthy and normal again! Hooray for non-estrogen birth control!

Although... now I no longer have a legitimate excuse...


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Stephanie said...

Oh my!!! I am glad to hear you are ok now, right?!? What October marathon? I totally feel for you. I am absolutely there. It is supposed to be 94 on saturday and 82 on Sunday. I do my long runs on Saturday, needless to say I am reconsidering this for this week...