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Thursday, March 17, 2011

When two awesome things collide...

Holy Shit, y'all. Could today possibly be any greater??? First of all... it's my FAVORITE holiday.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

and.... it's my second favorite sporting event weekend NCAA Men's college basketball tourney!

I am pretty sure that there's not going to be a patio within 15 miles of downtown Nashville that's not filled with St. Patrick's Day amateurs revellers co-mingling with NCAA tournament bracket holding professionals. (I fall into both of these categories, by the way). It's a beautiful thing.

And in the spirit of this being a running blog... I got up and ran this morning ON MY OWN (which is a feat in and of itself these days since I lately will not get out of bed unless someone is meeting me). And I sported a green shirt, of course. Which... doesn't matter because it's so freaking dark outside.

Enjoy this awesome day, everyone! Wear green, drink some green beer and cheer on your favorite team in the tourney (which, if you're looking for a favorite team... might I suggest the Vanderbilt Commodores or possibly.. the Belmont Bruins). Go 'Dores!

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Kirstie said...

Happy Patty's Day to ya! I plan on sporting a green shirt to tonight's group trail run....I hope I have one.