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Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting my Shit Together.

I am one of those anal retentive people who love making lists. I know I've talked about it on here before... but I am constantly making lists for anything and everything. One of my favorite types of lists to make is a packing list. I probably make 2-3 different packing lists for any trip I take. It's glorious, I love the organization of having everything you need pre-planned out and written neatly on a large post-it note. And I also love fantasizing that I will actually USE the list.

That's right. I love to make lists but I rarely use them. I used to be better about them, because the only thing better than making a list.. is actually crossing things off the list... ahhhhhh the sense of satisfaction that gives me. But as far as packing lists go... I can honestly say that I can't recall ever actually using a packing list to actually pack.

So, of course... I took a 2 second break at work yesterday and pounded out this list...
Normally, I would have re-written this and attempted to write it neater.
I hate my handwriting and constantly re-write lists to attempt to make them neater.

So, normally this list would get thrown into my purse and then never resurrected again until 2 weeks later when I'm cleaning out my purse.. But... not this time...

As much as I love a neatly handwritten list... I obviously don't give a
shit about packing neatly. Welcome to my life.

That's right! I actually used the list and marked everything off the list! Hooray!!!

All zipped up and ready to go!

So, I'm heading down to Chattanooga this afternoon for a trail race tomorrow morning! I'm super psyched about it (except, not so much about the forecasted thunderstorms). And at least I know I've got all my running gear packed and my hairbrush (for whatever I reason... I forget my hairbrush on 75% of the trips I take. It's a problem).

Have a great weekend! Full race report next weekend! (That's the first time I've said that in wayyyyy too long!).


Laura said...

I too am a HUGE list maker. Since I travel every week and am often only home for a few hours at a stretch, I often make pack lists on the plane - makes my packing that much faster, and then I can do other things with my precious hours at home.

Hope the race went well!

Spike said...

Good luck on the trail race (it may be over now)! I'm not much of a list maker, which is why I tend to forget stuff. But, if I had handwriting as pretty as yours, I might make lists as well.