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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Race Report: Stumpjump Part 4: The Aftermath

After the race, we hopped in the car and I think April was asleep by the time we got out of Chattanooga. I was still reeling from the race and was boring my parents to tears recounting as much of the race as I could remember.

We stopped at a rest stop just outside of Chattanooga and getting out of the car was no small feat. We hobbled our way inside and I found that once I started moving, I was fine. But those first few initial steps were painful and slow.

We settled back in for the rest of the 2 hour drive and again, April fell asleep and I yammered the whole ride home. About 15 minutes after our stop I immediately starting to feel an uncomfortable sensation in my butt and hamstrings. A dull, aching pain. Luckily, someone in the car had some advil, so I took a couple of those and about 20 minutes later, the pain was mostly gone.

We arrived home to Nashville around 6pm. We immediately took showers and decided to go out for a celebratory dinner! We hit up Mafiaozas and while the place was packed, we scored a parking spot right out front and 2 seats at the bar immediately!

We drank a couple of bottles of wine, had a nice big pizza and salads and enjoyed chatting up the bartender and some of the people around us. It was good, it was fun.

After dinner and that 2nd bottle of wine and an additional glass of wine for me, April was starting to get tired. But, I, always the dumb one, urged her to rally! Let's celebrate! More! She ended up rallying and we headed to 12 South Tap Room for a beer.

Total buzz kill. The place was kinda empty (it was probably close to midnight by this point) and we all know how tired, understimulated, and drunk Amy gets: SAD. And we also know the only cure for Drunk, Sad Amy: more booze in a different location.

Where to go?? My local bar of course! I headed over there and that's when things get a little fuzzy. I remember chatting it up with my bartender, I remember scoring bar seats, and that's about it.

Apparently, we were looking fairly good, though

We woke up the next morning at 11am and I was like... holy shit! I've wasted the whole freaking day! I can't believe I slept that late! And I got out of bed and was hungry. I didn't really notice the soreness too much. But as the day wore on... it was clear that my quads were absolutely trashed.

April and I bummed around and ate a LOT. And we came across two random discoveries. First, the jeans that April had been wearing the night before were on the floor in the bedroom and when I picked them up so that I wouldn't step on them, I noticed that they were wet. Like, really wet. No smell... just wet. Then later in the day, we noticed that a couple of shirts that I had in the floor of my closet were wet, as well. Again, no smell. Just wet. There was also an unopened Blue Moon on the coffee table. Apparently, we came in at 2am and thought we'd keep on drinking???

I talked to my bartender about it a week later and he confirmed that we were pretty trashed, but, we made sure to pay our tab (which was the first thing I thought of when I woke up! Did we pay our tab!!!???!!??!!).

Anyway... that whole Sunday, I was just basically tired and sore. But I felt pretty decent. My worst day was Monday. Monday, I woke up feeling ok, but as I sat at work longer and longer, I started to feel shittier and shittier. And eventually, I went home for lunch, slept for an hour and a half and thought I'd feel better. I didn't. I ended up throwing up at work (usually I'm only throwing up at work cause I'm hungover, not cause I'm sick). Luckily, that seemed to do it for me and after that, I started to feel better. I think I just still had all the remnants of shotblox and alcohol and being so tired.... I think it just all caught up to me at once. I took all of Monday off from activity. Walked Tuesday morning and started back with running and yoga on Wednesday.

Overall... the recovery period wasn't that bad. My legs felt pretty fresh pretty quickly after.

Now that Stumpjump is done... I've got the Bourbon Chase Relay this weekend to worry about!


Matt said...

What, you didn't hear about the wet t-shirt contest that was held that night?? :-)

Beth said...

Cute pic!! Ya look sober to me :)

Spike said...

Unless Matt is right, how did you two get so wet? That is crazy strange.

Congrats again to you and April for your excellent 26.2ers plus!