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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When Reading Screws You

So, I'm kind of a message board junkie... at least with one message board... my local runner's group Message Board is the crack of my day. Seriously, I'll be sitting at work, waiting for some slow-as-shit program that is on our work server to load on my computer and I'll think to myself... hmmm.. wonder what the chatter is... and I'll pull up the ole Nashville Striders Message Board. And I'll click through the topics... smiling as I read some people's posts, rolling my eyes as I read others... it's fun. And what's even more fun?? Trying to match up the members with their user names when you meet them at runner's events.

Like... ohhh... YOU'RE "runsfartherandfasterthanallofyou?" I always thought that guy would be... younger. Or whatever.

It is a bit disturbing when you meet some of these people though and find out their message board handle. Like... DAMN. I thought you were a guy all this time. (Which is why I have "girl" included in my handle).

Anyway, I'll log on and click away and see what all my Nashville Bitches are up to. It's good. It's all good.

Except yesterday... And, I KNEW that I shouldn't click on the topic... Because, not only am I a local runner message board junkie, I'm also totally a dramatic diva when it comes to running. So, when I saw the topic that talked about not being able to breath in this wretched heat and humidity... I knew that I shouldn't click. I mean, to be honest... the heat hasn't really been bothering me that much (maybe its the fact that I've been spending 90 minutes a day everyday for the past 30 days in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity stretching, pulling, and sweating my way into crazy ass poses. Literally). Sure, I'm sweating like crazy every morning... and wiping my brow constantly, but I've not been too miserable. Yet.

And then... because there was so little else of interest on the board... I clicked on it and had a typical dramatic diva Amy response:

WHAT? People are having problems breathing in this heat while they run????????? I had no idea! I haven't felt this way!!! What's wrong with me??? I'm a total wuss. I hate the heat... why am I able to breath? I must not really be able to breath, I must just be imagining that I can breath.

And just like that... I went from totally handling the heat (not loving it, but handling it) to utterly dying in the heat this morning. All I could think about was... am I huffing and puffing more than usual? What's wrong with my breath? Oh god... I'm getting weather-induced asthma. Is that even a legitimate condition? It is now. Definitely.

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Just goes to show that my mind is about 85% of my problem. Hopefully I'll forget about my weather-induced asthma tomorrow. And hopefully I'll refrain from clicking on posts that talk about the weather (or heaven forbid: injuries).


Dwayne said...

On a whim I clicked on the "Bitching" label below this post, expecting to see MAYBE one or two other posts. No. It brought up TWELVE posts. Outstanding! That is why your blog is on my Google Reader. Carry on....and keep bitching.

Beth said...

It's miserable outside. How can you *not* have problems in this heat? For realz. Just got back from a power walk (how can anyone run in this #$%^T heat) and my face is beet red. BTW, it's been 2 hours since I got back. What is wrong w/ me?? I'm a pathetic loser.