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Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to Gain 10 pounds in 2 days.

This weekend, while on my 8th annual college friends get together (once named Drink-fest, now aptly referred to as a "get together") my body wrote me a letter that I opened on Tuesday morning just after I stepped on the scale and immediately passed out on the bathroom floor...

Dear Amy,

I hate you.

Your Body.

Allow me to explain... I gained 10 pounds in essentially 2 days. Actually... I gained 10 pounds from 2 meals. How is that even possible???

Now, any other drink-fest and I would understand. Usually, we spend all day drinking beer, eating doughnuts, brownies, cookies, chips and dip. It's a veritable smorgasboard of trash. We go out to eat, we dine on greasy cheeseburgers and french fries, we drink more beer. We use the phrase... "I'm on vacation!" 15 different times to justify consuming a snack that's 1200 calories. Basically... usually drink-fest is what I like to refer to as: Heaven on Earth.

But this year... as we're all getting older and wiser, we're realizing that it's not worth gaining a few pounds over the course of the weekend from eating junk. So, when we hit up the grocery store the first night, we only bought fruits and nuts to snack on. Smart, huh?

I chose healthy food when we went out to eat on Friday night and on Saturday. I tried to stay a little active on Saturday by doing the standing series of Hot Yoga when I woke up Saturday morning and then we all engaged in our yearly badminton tournament on Saturday afternoon that lasted a couple of hours. I wasn't just a bump a log and I was eating healthy and snacking healthy. I drank a little wine over the course of the weekend.. no beer... all was good.

Our make-shift badminton net. Someone forgot that she MacGyvered the badminton net
 last year for other purposes and then threw it away. Oops.

Sunday, we got up early and headed out to do some whitewater rafting (my new FAVORITE thing, by the way). Before heading out, I ate some watermelon, a few grapes and a banana.

Pre-rafting. A picture of all of us, Just in case, ya know... someone died on the river.

After an hour and a half of constant upper body work, I snacked on a Lara bar and we headed to dinner in Asheville. Now... here is where the 2 meals start. I had a pasta dish. I supplemented this pasta dish with an extra side of broccoli. Just so I wouldn't completely fill up on pasta entirely. Granted, this was essentially my only real meal of the day. So, I figured getting a few extra calories than I normally would for dinner wouldn't be so bad.
We survived! The Nantahala behind us.
The next morning, I continued the bad food streak and ordered a huge breakfast which I devoured... 1 pancake with syrup, 1 cheese omelette, 2 biscuits, and hashbrowns. And yes, I ate every last morsel.

I stepped on the scale on Tuesday, expecting to weigh 2-3 pounds more. And was absolutely horrified when the scale read 10 pounds heavier! W.T.F?

After spending all summer eating sooooo healthy and losing about 15 pounds, I eat 2 bad meals and gain 10 pounds?? Awww... hells no. This shit stinks!

It's official. My body freaking hates me. Apparently, for the rest of my life... I cannot indulge in one or two meals without gaining a ridiculous amount of weight.

Ugh. So much for feeling awesome about myself and my body. Stupid body.


Mike Russell said...

Come on now -- don't kill yourself over this. You will have to work hard to lose it, but you can do it. You are a hard worker and should indulge from time to time like this.


Beth said...

ha ha ... I'm laughing at that comment above mine. Guys have no idea what it's like. Scott can run for 30 mins and lose 5 lbs. I go to hot yoga for 90 minutes and lose 1. Women don't have it as easy as men when it comes to weight. Sorry, but true.

You'll be fine. And you know what to do to make it go away, but that is a bummer and I most def feel your pain.

BTW, love the Gamecocks shirt. Way to represent, yo.

Melanie said...

I say get a second opinion. Surely that scale did NOT know what it was talking about.

LPT said...

Dude, Amy. Give it another week and weigh again. You gain and lose 5 pounds a day just in drinking WATER and eating normal meals! Everything will be ok, promise!

Anonymous said...

I bet it's mostly all the sodium so it's water retention. Give it a week of clean eating and see what the scale says -- I bet you're up less than 5.

Tanya said...

Yeah, yeah, what everyone else said about water gain and whatnot.

But a USC reunion and you "drank a little wine"?!


Tanya said...


Go Cocks!

Spike said...

I agree that boys drop lbs faster then women (on average); but I'm also all for the reweigh.

Glad you had fun, too bad you didn't win the tournment. I assume this because you never said who won.

Mrs. Duffy said...

Hi Amy! I tend to lurk around here, but I'm hoping your 10 lbs of water weight is gone by now. Anyway, I love living vicariously through your marathon exploits, so I'm giving you a Cherry on Top Award as one of my 6 fave running bloggers. Thanks!

zbsports said...

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