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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Letter

Dear Trail Runner Magazine,

A few months ago, my BFF, April, got me a subscription to your magazine. I was thrilled. For one, I love periodicals. Always have, always will (probably has something to do with my committment issues, but I'll save that for another letter). And two, I seriously can't read enough about running. Ever. Any break I have at work, I spend perusing running blogs, running websites, race calendars, etc... It's an obsession.

This year I let my Runner's World magazine subscription expire. I felt like it was kinda the same bullshit every month, every year: How to run your fastest 5k ever (yuck), how to lose weight while your running (obviously never worked for me), how buying this piece of overpriced, shitty, made by 4 year olds in a third world country gear, pair of shoes, rain jacket, etc... will make you a better runner (and broke as shit). Always the same ole stuff. Now, don't get me wrong. I devoured that magazine, cover-to-cover everytime I got it in the mail... but, it was great to let it go for awhile (I'm sure I'll re-subscribe to runners world after a year or two) and it's even better to replace it with something different, like your magazine.

The first couple of issues I wasn't too thrilled with. But the previous issue had a huge write-up about the StumpJump in it. Which, at first, pissed me off... My initial reaction was... "Well crap. Now, I'm going to have to sign up for this hellacious race early, cause it'll sell out. Freaking great." But then I read the article, got scared, and signed up for the bitch of the race.

I recieved the latest issue on Tuesday... and low and behold what did I see on the cover?

No, not the article on Jen Pharr Davis who RAN the Appalachian Trail. YES, that's right... she ran the freaking trail. And she wasn't the first person to do so... other people have RAN THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL. How awesome is that? I had no idea (I know, I'm such a greenhorn). That article was awesome, by the way... but, what I'm referring to, is the article underneath the heading: Performance Section.

How to be the Ultimate Ultra Crew Member.


Again, upon initial inspection of the magazine, I was pissed. NOW you print this article??? After I researched how to be pacer and crew member for days before I paced a friend in his 50 mile Mountaineering Ultra and came up with very little on the internet. Arg!!!!

Lucky for you, your article wasn't all that helpful. At least not for a pacer (I didn't really crew Vandy Montana as much as I served as his bitch for a couple/three aid stations).

Anyway, despite the bad timing for my purposes, I do appreciate your writing such an article. And I look forward to seeing what my initial response will be to your next issue.



Tanya said...

That's nice, but what I think we're all really waiting for is a poignant synopsis of your WINNING THE BEER MILE for the 2nd year in a row.


Anonymous said...

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