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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Letter

Dear Body,

Hello. How are things going in there? I really appreciate the fact that you didn't revolt on me this last month with the 3 marathons. And in return, hopefully you've noticed that I've been eating uber healthy lately. Lots of veggies and fruit and very little other things. Also, for you, I've taken to mostly engaging in weekly binge drinking instead of daily moderate drinking. You're welcome.

Listen, I know we've been doing the running for years now. You've gotten used to it, I've gotten used to it, all my friends have gotten used to ignoring 91% of my conversations because no one else wants to hear about my running as much as I talk about it.

But, as you know, I've been flirting with other forms of exercise. I mean, we know how I am. I get into something (like strength training) for a week or two.. and then I bail and go back to running full time. I know it, you know it. It's what I do. I always have these grand plans of going hardcore and getting fit and ripped and I'm good for like a week or two and then... I fall off the wagon.

I just assumed that I was a monogamous exerciser. Sure... my attention would wander occasionally with the idea of expanding my horizons, but in the end... I'd always end up feeling guilty about spending time away from running to test the waters with other exercise. So, when I re-started P-90X 3 weeks ago and then 2 weeks ago, I took a Hot Yoga class, I just figured... ehhh... two more things I'll start and never finish. And, I'm sure as you were going through those first few weeks of P-90X where I was toilet sore* (so sore that you have to brace yourself as you lower yourself down onto the toilet. don't lie. you all know what I'm talking about.) you thought: oh. hell. no. this won't last. Her pansy-ass can't take this for long.

But... truth be told, body. I'm LOVING it. Like... seriously... I love the P90X workouts. I love that in 69 more days I'm going to be buff and hanging out at kids playgrounds just so I can show off how many pull-ups and chin-ups I can do (yeah, I'm going to be that chick). And the Hot Yoga? Holy shit. I never realized I could be addicted to something that has "yoga" in the title, but it's seriously like a drug for me. I have to have it, everyday. It's soooo amazing. I'm a true convert.

So, body, I know that it seems like a lot to take on all at once... running (summer base building starts next week!), P90X, Hot Yoga. But, I'm telling you now.. I'm dedicated. I can do this. I will keep up. Just have faith in me... I need your support through this. In return, I promise to cut back a teensy bit more on the booze and try to get to bed a little bit earlier. Hopefully working together we can finally get me into the kick ass shape that we both want to be in.



*toilet sore- I first read this phrase on the blog, The Great Fitness Experiment. Love the phrase and now use it all the time. Just a coincidence that she was talking about P90X when she used the phrase toilet sore? Nah.


Beth said...

Sending you a HUGE HIGH FIVE!!!

I swear, it helps so much to know other people are in it with ya. Glad to hear you're still bringin it!!

Started my food reform this week. Hands down, the hardest part. I can double airborne heisman all day, but the pimento cheeseburgers and vino get me every time!

Hang tough!

Chris said...

Love the "letter" posts to your body parts. LOL. (i think you did one to your legs one time.)

After 6 weeks you will be cursing that little jumping jack dude on Plyo. I HATE THAT DUDE.

After this weekends trial 1/2, I'm not so sure about StumpJump. It's going to take a lot of "trail practice" out at PWP to get ready. I was so done after the half, I almost swore off running all together.

LPT said...

Dude. Marathon Maniac. I think my little knees would hate me.

Running said...

Dear Amy,

Yoga? x-box90 or whatever? Seriously??!!

Bwah haha hahha hah hah!!

See you fulltime in a couple weeks.