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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How I spent the week tapering for the Flying Pig....

So, after spending another day and night in San Francisco...

Ahhh.. the Golden Gate Bridge...

(Only including this pic of me, cause all these others ones totally look like I stole them off the internet.
I swear I didn't though. I took all these shitty pics).
Gotta check out Fisherman's Wharf, of course.

And of course... an overly priced sundae at Ghiradelli was a must.

And the last San Francisco activity...

Freezing my ass off at a San Francisco Giants game!!!!

I gotta admit, I was sad to leave San Francisco... but I was excited about going to Wine Country. Mmmmm... more booze.

We checked out about 3 wineries on Tuesday...

Sojourn Cellars (where Pinot Noir and I attempted to make up and be friends...)
Audelssa Winery (FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!)

Wednesday we started off the winery tour right...

Domaine Carneros (Mmmm... my favorite sparkling). Gorgeous place, too!

Then we headed off to Stag's Leap Winery and then Chimney Rock (delicious wines, not a great tasting experience though.. kinda of rushed us).

Cliff Lede Vineyards. (Another amazing place! Delicious Sauvignon Blanc for CHEAP! And a great Cab that had my name written all over it).

And lastly... Miner Family Vineyards. Where... honestly.. I was too drunk to really have an opinion about any of their wines.

After an amazing 2nd day of wine tasting (we finished the trip with dinner at Bouchon. Where we ate a shit ton of oysters and I had the most perfectly cooked duck breast). Oh yeah and lots of booze.

It was an amazing trip and I was sad to go home... but, I was excited about the weekend to come... I got home on Thursday evening around 11pm and was expecting April at my house on Friday at 6pm so that we could head to Cincinnati on Saturday and get signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon.


Beth said...

I like that you file this under Race Preparations so that when aliens land and they search blogs to learn how to run a marathon, you'll get them on the road to success :)

I'm still jealous!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

these are great pics. I used to live outside of SF and love seeing pics of it.