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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This morning I ran my last REAL effort run before the big race. I met up with S for what's become our regular Wednesday morning run. I've been feeling pretty well for the past couple of weeks. But today... today I felt like I was really huffing and puffing and I felt generally tired (getting up 6 days a week before 5am so that I can run is something I've FINALLY gotten used to... but it's definitely taking its toll a bit, too. I'm still not getting to bed as early as I need to be regularly).
I didn't worry about it too much. Hey, I've got a marathon in a few days... it's okay to take it a little easy right?

I got home and turned my watch timer off and checked my splits... there was an 8:10 mile in there. And it wasn't comprised of the downhill on Belmont... no sir, it was actually comprised of my LEAST favorite section of the Belmont route... the Clifton-Battlefield segment.


So, anyway... remember how I've been saying that people are always telling me to add 20 minutes to my best marathon time to estimate how I'll do at Big Sur. Which I have been guffawing at every.single.time. Yeah, well Monday I figured out where people got that tiny bit of info:

Official Big Sur Race Instructions:

COURSE RULES: Both lanes of Highway One will be open to Marathon runners for approximately three miles. After that, runners will be funneled into the left lane (ocean side) for the remainder of the course. If you do not remain in the left lane, you will be disqualified for any awards. Running is an individual sport; you succeed or fail on your own. NO PACING by non-competitors permitted. The course is certified and is an official Boston qualifier. The course is moderately difficult and you should plan on adding about 20 minutes to your usual marathon finish time. Walk when necessary, especially on the more difficult hills like Hurricane Point. Enjoy the spectacular music and scenery along the course. Run Big Sur for the worst time in your life...and the best!


I mean, reading that before I signed up, wouldn't have changed anything... Big Sur is still the crown jewel in my marathon to do list... but, I wouldn't have been psyching myself up for the past 2 weeks about PRing there.

The thing that most scares me, is that races generally UNDERestimate their difficulty. Like... people always say.. ohhhh... the course is flat and then you get there and you're like where did these bloody hills come from? And you're walking down steps backwards for the next week. So... if they're telling you you're going to be running 45 seconds per mile slower than usual... I'm thinking that's not a great sign.

Oh well. At this point, it is what it is. I'm still going to go to California and live it up and drink and eat, make stupid bets with Vandy Montana, swirl wine around in glasses and talk about how much I hate pinot noirs, and take in a Giants baseball game... and I'm crossing Big Sur off the list... if I PR, I PR. If not... screw it, there will be other marathons.


LPT said...

Good luck, Amy! I have a feeling you're going to do great.

Beth said...

Why are you hatin on pinots?! OK, I am a wino and make room for all wines ... except white zin and anything made by yellowtail.

Back to running. I've run 2 marathons where they told me to add 20-30 mins to my best marathon time, and they were right. But the funny thing is, they were also the coolest, most memorable marathons I've run.

You're gonna kill it. Have fun and drink some pinot for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the 20 minutes is accurate but it assumes that your best time is an accurate reflection of your capabilities, which I don't think is the case for you. You can mess with pace predictors a bit to get an idea, but I think you can easily go sub-4 when the conditions are right. So maybe add 20 to 3:55 and figure on 4:15. And then add some general "close to a PR" drive to shave another 3 minutes, and I think it's doable. I've got a feelin'...!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

oh my cracking up at the instructions. I think the race is all about just letting yourself enjoy the hard work you've put in. Good luck!!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

This one is about the beauty of it. I have it on my list, but wanted to make it to Boston prior to attempting B.S.

Speaking of hills - I was totally NOT prepared for Boston. I was aware of the hills 16-21, but it was hilly the whole way, none stop.

Go have some fun with Vandy. Good Luck!